Oktoberfest parties!

Guinness Anchor Bhd (GAB) was probably the first to kick-off its Oktoberfest celebrations, while Arthur’s Day season was still in session.

I’d bang those drums anytime

Social @ Publika was the spot. Paulaner was the featured beer, with the regular draught wheat version being served, as well as the special and iconic Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier, which comes in bottles (500ml, ABV 6%), from Munich, the home of the annual fest.

This is a lager, and is a lil malty, and quite crisp, with a sorta bitter tease at d finish.


The fun party saw all their beer taps in action, and a lamb rolling around on a spit provided food, which was awesome.

Tiger eh?

You can also get a huge-ass one-liter stein, and this year’s one is ceramic. Nice. But steep at 50 bucks, even if it’s full.

Cant remember where i left mine. Its probably still at Social.

Anyway, GAB’s Oktoberfest parties are listed here. Check ’em out for some good beer, food and merry-making. These Oktoberfest parties are goin down all over the Valley till Oct 31.



OVER AT German restaurant Brotzeit, there are parties goin on too. And some kick-ass beers, as well as killa food.

Full house

The deputy German Ambassador joined in the festivities, and tapped a beer barrel at the exact time Oktoberfest launched in Munich. Here they do have the Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier on tap.

In fact, there’s a very good variety of beers, mostly in bottles.

There’s also the one-litre can (on the right) dat comes in a stein, and the two-litre bottle

A mixed bucket. Excellent

Fat monk likes to party. This double bock is sweetish/malty and strong (7.9%)

Food, by Chef Helmut, is great. I had the beef goulash to start.

Wacha lookin at?!

There’s also this crazy platter for hungry hogs.

Crazy enough?  (pix by Samuel “Superman” Ong)

There’s also a very entertaining band called Deriolama. Try to catch em in action.

Brotzeit will be having four more Oktoberfest parties listed here, and reservations are necessary.

Enjoy the Party Season prelude month / warm-up month of October. I sure will!


Smirnoff Mojito

Yup. Smirnoff now has a range of vodka ‘cocktails’, one of which is Smirnoff Vodka Mojito. It comes in a 700ml bottle, and is a mix of vodka, Triple Sec liqueur, and a dash of mint. A very basic recipe.

I prefer mine with rum.

All set

Since it’s already mixed, firepower is low, like a strong wine, at 15%.

Others in this range are Tuscan Lemonade, Grand Cosmo, and Pomegranate Martini.

Nice ass

For lazy butts, and those who want sumtin that’s convenient, ready to go.  Good for a travel pack i guess.



Asahi ‘launches’

Japanese beers. Like Mexican beers, they’re always around, but have never really hit it big over here.

Anyway, Carlsberg Malaysia is tryin to get into the act via Asahi Super Dry, with sole ditributorship to Luen Heng F&B. The event went down on Friday at a joint called Canon in Solaris Mont Kiara.

Jepun mari

Asahi (which means rising sun) has been in the country for awhile, restricted mainly to Japanese tourists & expats. Carlsberg hopes to reinvigorate the brand  by increasing its distribution and marketing efforts.

Carlsberg’s MD Soren Ravn says “We aim for Asahi Super Dry to be a must-have premium imported beer at some well-known Japanese restaurants, trendy bars, premium hotels and resorts as well as upmarket retail stores nationwide including the duty free islands.”

Mmmmm…. duty-free islands. Where u’ll see n swallow stuff u’ve never ever before.

Dont know wattup with d tiny cans. For kids i assume!

Dont know what they’re gonna price it at. Its a reasonably-crisp beer that’s quite easy to drink. It comes in 640ml and 33oml bottles, as well as 330ml and…. 135ml cans! ABV is 5%.


New kid in TTDI

Had a blast at da launch of Tom Dick & Harry’s (7710-2122), a new bar in TTDI. All beers on tap were flowing – Hoegaarden, Blackthorn (cider), Tetley’s, Connor’s (stout) & Carlsberg. (No Guinness as its a Carlsberg Malaysia outlet.)

It’s a bar started by a friend and a few of his buds.

Joining the strip

Joining the booze strip

Pricing is OK, a lil above average for a neighborhood pub. I did expect Hoegaarden’s price to be friendlier. At 30 bucks a pint, its steep just for a beer. ($25 happy hours, 4pm-8pm.) A mug of Carlsberg is $12 ($9), while Connor’s is $22 ($18). There’s a range of Macallan and other single malts, with prices from $398 – $898. All figures are nett.

Cocktails n shooters go for $16 – $33.

Vodka, rum, bourbon are priced about $300. There’s absinthe here as well: $338 & $398 – cheaper than most outlets that serve absinthe.

All ready and lined-up

Booze canisters all ready and lined-up


Tastes better when its on the house!

Gettin there wit Sarah

Gettin there wit Sarah (hot)


Some of the bites available

Havent really tried the grub (Tried!). There’s usual pub stuff like Pigs in Blanket, burgers, a couple of pastas, a variety of pies, and desserts too. Pork is served. Yea!

With four bars on this street, the scene is a lot livelier, and competition stiffer. Which is of course good news. Especially now dat its a particularly interesting Party Season. Daaam.

Brain damage rating: 7.5/10

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