Asahi ‘launches’

Japanese beers. Like Mexican beers, they’re always around, but have never really hit it big over here.

Anyway, Carlsberg Malaysia is tryin to get into the act via Asahi Super Dry, with sole ditributorship to Luen Heng F&B. The event went down on Friday at a joint called Canon in Solaris Mont Kiara.

Jepun mari

Asahi (which means rising sun) has been in the country for awhile, restricted mainly to Japanese tourists & expats. Carlsberg hopes to reinvigorate the brand  by increasing its distribution and marketing efforts.

Carlsberg’s MD Soren Ravn says “We aim for Asahi Super Dry to be a must-have premium imported beer at some well-known Japanese restaurants, trendy bars, premium hotels and resorts as well as upmarket retail stores nationwide including the duty free islands.”

Mmmmm…. duty-free islands. Where u’ll see n swallow stuff u’ve never ever before.

Dont know wattup with d tiny cans. For kids i assume!

Dont know what they’re gonna price it at. Its a reasonably-crisp beer that’s quite easy to drink. It comes in 640ml and 33oml bottles, as well as 330ml and…. 135ml cans! ABV is 5%.

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