Johnnie Walker Double Black

This is a relatively new Scotch that my housemate Ben got his paws on.

Tried it out recently. Quite different from the Black Label; a lot more smokiness, as its uses West Coast whiskies. Some Islay style. Although it’s blend, it’s got a distinct character that suggests otherwise. More like a single-malt.

The whisky was created taking Black Label as a blueprint and adding heavily-peated malts, with some aged in deeply charred oak casks.

Giant stills at the Cardhu distillery

Some of those who enjoy Black Label might appreciate something more complex like the Double Black. Price wise, its 15-20% higher than Black Label.

It’s reported to be doin really well – it’s already number eight in travel retail liquors by value, above Absolut Blue, Jack Daniel’s and Famous Grouse – exceeding sales targets seven times!

At the mo, its available exclusively in travel retail at selected airports. KLIA probably not yet, but is designated to be available at Bangkok International and Changi.

Loos like the JW DB is set to be a hit!


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8 thoughts on “Johnnie Walker Double Black

  1. hey! deep….. this is amit gupta……. i amnot agreedwith your ideas and opinions which is published in the star daily newspaper…..something you talked about foreigners workers in hospitality industry….. I have shown in malaysia ,there are 20% of malaysian speake english…. i think that in hospitality industry, local languages is meaningless…… the hoteliers must know english and from hotel mgt…that why employers hire foreigners who know english and look after the business and guests very well. i have seen that once local reached in managerial position in malaysia, he or she never think about guests and never be polite to guests,

  2. Hi. Tx for yor opinion. Am assuming u referring to the Star article on saturday. But am not sure wat u tryin to say. 20% is bad. And if u cant speak Malaysian, thats even worse. Anyway, i stand by my quotes in yesterday’s paper. Foreigners shdnt be in our F&B industry. Can u explain what has that achieved??
    They spoiling it, and d f&b industry players are to blame. U can read my full opinion in this post.

  3. @Amit Gupta
    Firstly, as an f&b graduate and ex-hotel GM for the last 28 years, I totally agree with Deep’s take that foreign workers should stay out of Malaysia’s f&b industry.

    Secondly, if you don’t like what you are reading, turn the page, dude.

    • Yea, there are industries foreigners are suitable for, and they’re industries they’re not. F&B is not. But i appreciate all opinions, and discussions. That’s how we progress

  4. Double Blacks are available in KLIA but it’s much cheaper in Changi T3.

    Now going to be available in the retail shops outside of Duty Free places too. But I doubt they’d be giving away travel bags and all when purchasing in bulk. LOL

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