Guinness’s St Patrick’s celebration is back

Heineken Malaysia is bringing St Pat’s back big-time this weekend with a party from Friday to Sunday at Publika (Mar 17-19) as well in other states.

The Guinness team with their black juice

The Guinness team with their black juice

The launch party & media preview happened at this bar called Donkey & Crow (really). It’s an Irish-themed one in TREC KL. Food was good, and the drinks too of course.

The joint

The joint

Oysters too! Not like i eat aliens...

Oysters too. Not like i eat aliens…

So this weekend the party kicks early at Publika at the space called The Square, Sat & Sun from 1pm, and Friday from 6pm, with bands and all goin on. Yay. Day-drinking.

O yea Irish food and Guinness-infused dishes too. Lunch sorted.

Btw more than 13 million pints of the stout will be consumed in 150 countries across the world on St Pat’s Day (which officially is on Mar 17).

I don’t get it how i can drinks litres of the black stuff but my piss is still colourless. Where does the black go?



They be giving away 100 complimentary pints of Guinness daily at 17:59pm too! Event page here.

Festivities take place in Penang, Ipoh, Johor, and Kota Kinabalu as well.

Damn freeloaders. They everywhere

Damn freeloaders. They everywhere


Brain damage: 7.5/10


Tiffin teaser party

We had a great time at Taste of Tiffin, a two-day event at Publika organized by Freeform Untitled. Took my  mixologist Imran along as well, to check out the alcohol section.

It was certainly an experiential celebration of food and drink. Although we only attended one afternoon, it was obvious that it was a unique collection of food and drinks all in one spot, with a total guest count of 3,000.


The set-up outside

There were three parts of the event that we visited – the food booths outside, the ones inside, and the booze section. There was some really good grub all around, and we were spoilt for choice. I vaguely recall swallowing some Mexican stuff in the afternoon while buzzed.


The afternoon session

Anyway, my highlight was in the Black Box – the sampling sessions in the afternoon, as well as cocktail stands. I got so wasted at one point just from sampling the variety that was given, that i had to leave. Swallowed the Mexican stuff at the food section, then came back.

I enjoyed trying out some new gin from Australia, West Winds – the Sabre, and the Cutlass. Especially the Sabre – kinda tangy and sweetish. These gins are available at Locker & Loft.

There were about 40 different spirits to try at the event!


The Wholly Spirits boys



Some of the booty



Many mini-bars to select from

The best part of this event is that it’s actually merely a teaser to the main event, Tiffin Week. This goes down Sept 24 – Oct 3 at Publika. Expect a very interesting and fun ten days.

Launching mid-2016

Launching mid-2016 for Sept

But in the meantime, Tiffin is also organizing an F&B experience for Urbanscapes 2016. Locker & Loft will be involved in the final weekend of Urbanscapes in KL, May 7 & 8, where we’ll be making alcoholic ”daytime drinks!” from 11am on Saturday & Sunday.

Event details here. Day-drinkers, rejoice.


Brain damage: 8/10


Dining in Comida

Checked out Comida (6211-2662) recently, a joint with good Mediterranean & Western food in Publika.

The joint

It’s got an interesting menu, with a range of pastas, pizzas & burgers, among others, and it’s the home of what i call the BFP, Big F ‘in Pizza, a 24-inch monsta.

Good f 'in luck

Had some tapas to kick off. A kick-ass. The  Prawn Aubergine Tapas ($17.60, all prices NETT) rocks due to its gravy. Additional bread was ordered for some dunking.

Biggie hits d road

The Comida Burger ($23.10) is a beef patty (200gm), a good blend of meat, sauteed shrooms, beef bacon, bbq sauce, and some green stuff; and the patty is flamed just right to be still juicy.

Not a giant, but decent size

The highlight of d meal was the Creamy Pesto Prawn ($29.70) , a spaghetti-based dish, with prawns sauteed in olive oil & homemade pesto cream. Few pasta dishes can come close to this one. It’s all in d cream. So good that again bread was ordered to scoop d remnants of d pesto cream.

This dam ting has got me craving for it at random times.

Wont last long. Do not share

You could also try this (off-menu) – the Prawn Masala – a spicier, reddish version of d above. Enticing.

Another notable pasta is the super n simple Duck Confit Spaghetti ($28.60), which features duck slices in a pasta drenched with olive oil n peppered with sun-dried tomatoes. I assume the outlet’s strength is mainly in its pastas.

They’re also risottos & paellas. For a snack, the spicy anchovies, or the spicy chicken wings are a good bet.

Casual dining for sure

If ur a big-time eater, u cd go for d BFP challenge – if u can slaughter the 24-inch pizza in 20mins, its on da house. U also get a $50 voucher, and a Comida VIP Card. So far, 26 winners.

D outdoor sec is cool too

I hear the Comida De Postre puff is a mean hot-seller, with peanut butter on d inside, choco hazelnut sauce on d outside, topped with vanilla ice-cream. My preferred dessert however was more basic – Red Sangria ($19.80) as u’ll get loads of fruits in your face.

The Long Island Tea rocks, with none of dat cheap-shit liquors in it, but d good stuff. At $23.10, sweet deal.

Long Island being gang-raped


Chomp chomp

It’s a GAB outlet, so u get d three for $$ deal, in this case, it’s $55 nett  for three pints of Guinness/Tiger all night. Also the happy hours daily – 5-6pm, it’s $5.50 nett for a mug of Tiger or half Guinness Draft, then $6.60 (6-7pm), and $7.70 (7-8pm). Nice.

An event called 12 Strings happens every Sat nite from 9pm, featuring different musicians weekly. Worth hangin out. Been finding my ass there almost every week now.

Wall art

Comida’s reputation for good food means it has catered for, among others, Sum 41, Simple Plan, Deftones, Avril, as well as all artistes at the Future Music festival like Grandmaster Flash, FloRida, Chemical Bros, etc.

They’re also with FoodPanda, if u rather have d food delivered.

Mexican, or Mexican't?

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