Homey inside

Dawg Homes has been ‘hospitalized’. Dude was not eating n kinda lifeless for a coupla days, gums n skin practically white, so took him to d doc.
Doc does a blood test n says he got sum auto-immune disease or sumtin. His body is eating up its own red blood cells. Its down to 13%.

Dont sound good. Tick fever i hear.

He’s hasnt eaten for days and is on drips now. Doc says if it gets worse, might have to do a blood transfusion.

I had to stop myself from laughing when i heard dat. Fuckin transfusion man! Didnt know they have such shit for dogs.

So dogs actually go donate blood n shit??

Homeboy’s gotta fuckin lampshade around his neck, so he dont yank out the IV line from his paw.

Not happy!

Anyway, he’s been stuck inside for d third day now. Hopefully he’s out soon.

All i know is its gonna cost a bomb!

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