Johnnie Walker runs away

Johnnie Walker has really bolted with the lead in terms of value worldwide. It totally trashed the others by far. It’s brand value is US$4.4 billion, which is almost double the second-placed, which happens to be a Chinese brand, Moutai.

This is based on work done by Brand Finance, according to Drinks International.


Exceptional growth of Double Black and Blue Label partly responsible

And whisky is still the king of planet earth. The whisky brands in the list have more value than the totals for the next three most-valuable categories combined – vodka, baijiu and rum.

Cognac, liqueur and rum are doin well too. Hennessy comes in third, followed by Bacardi, which falls two spots to 4, Smirnoff at 5 (6 last year).

The biggest mover is Ciroc, from 35 to 19. An 82% increase in value. (Puffy doin his job.) Absolut drops a spot to 11.

Johnnie Walker, Hennessy, Jack Daniel’s and Famous Grouse achieve AAA brand ratings, meaning they have the most potent hold over consumers, putting them in the same bar as Ferrari, Disney, and MU.

Champagnes n wines continue to struggle, but winemaker Concha y Toro, has seen its brand value increase by 35% to $663 million. Moet still leads. American company Gallo is second (it makes the one, the only, the ghetto, the legendary, Night Train Express!).

Can i get a "choo choo!"

Can i get a “choo choo!?”

I’ve only had 38 outta the top 50 in the list. Quite a few baijus in there. These Chinese liqueurs are still only big domestically. It’s gonna be tough to breakout, considering how it tastes! A  matter of gettin used to i guess. We all hated our first sip of beer right? Like damn, watdafuck are the adults drinking??

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