Finally, a cure for hangovers!

My biznez partner Susan sent me a link to this article in the Telegraph about bacon sandwiches being a hangover cure. BACON man. Awesome.

Susan is one of them what I call ‘Sympathizers’ to the cause, and to the rebellion (Hmm… What rebellion? Will think of sumtin soon.). She dont drink, but she helps others lose their livers, and dont mind hangin out with alcos n all. Handy, them Sympathizers. We all know at least one, right?

Unlike those who dont drink (or cant drink) n try to preach to u about how ur ruining yor life, bla bla bla. To whom I say β€œKiss my golden-brown ass.”

Or is it more of a Baileys-brown?


Anyway, after thousands of years of suffering and wasted next-days, the human race has hopefully discovered the holy grail of drinking – a cure for the billions of Morning-After Blues that has tortured the species over millennia.

Shouldn’t they have sorted dis shit out way back when they invented alcohol? Daam. Slackers.

Them researchers (who’ve finally decided to research sumtin useful for once) in UK say concentrated doses of carbohydrates and protein after some “over indulgence” can speed up your metabolism and provide the amino acids needed to start feeling better. (English translation: Eat bacon!!)

Now, another great reason to get smashed

Now, another great reason to get smashed

Here’s what they say: β€œ”Bingeing on alcohol depletes neurotransmitters, but bacon contains a high level of aminos which tops these up, giving you a clearer head.”

They better not be shittin me man. This is a serious issue.

There’s also an article on other cures, all bullshit mumbo-jumbo ones i assume. Like using voodoo dolls in Haiti, pickled sheep’s eye in bloody Mongolia, lemon in your fuckin armpit (Puerto Ricans).

Gosh, looks like no one on earth has figured it out. Amazing.

For me, only sleep works. If i open my eyes feelin like i’m still in Zouk, hit da sack again right away. But a bad hangover is a bad hangover. Just gotta ride it out.

Have tried hair of da dog. Fuckdatshit. Only got me more high and more moody.

So looks like me n d boyz have been doin it almost right. After a heavy night out,

Stir it up...

Stir it up…

we get busy frying some pork luncheon meat to stuff our faces with.

But dis bacon sandwich thing sounds good. Coz bacon rocks. (If u haven’t yet, u gotta try d bacon ba kwa. Fuh!)

Will organize a hangover and report d results. Volunteers r welcome.


Revenge is sweet. And dark

I’ve been to countless parties where the booze is on da house. Everything under the sun has been served to me – liquors, liquers, champagnes, classy wines, tuak. Except Guinness draught. For some freaky, messed-up reason, I’ve never had the honour to down Guinness draughts all nite on d house.What’s worse, it’s one of my fave drinks.

Last night, that injustice was finally rectified. Thanks to the opening of Sid’s second outlet (Sid’s II), I drank Guinness until I thought my piss was gonna be black. I had my revenge.

Comrade Che watched in disbelief as Deep had his revenge. Salud, ese.

Commander Che watched in disbelief as Deep executed his revenge. Salud, ese.

Our crew got there early – 5.30pm. It was a hot, clear, blazing day. Perfect.

Service was awesome. We never had to move or worry about drinks.

The first one arrived – it looked too gorjes to drink.


Words not necessary

I lost count after 7 glasses, but we were downing Guinness for about 5 hours straight. More friends and business associates showed up, and some got pretty senget. Like:


Ben gettin cozy with d grass (pix by Khang)

Sid’s Pub is an English one which started in TTDI, and now is in The Village, Bangsar South (and Ampang next). Basically in Kerinchi on the way to Pantai Hill Park, next to the Old Town Coffee. Food is pretty good, especially d pork stuff. Might post a food review soon.


Sid's - English


Niga, Henry (whose nuts are probably being squeezed) & Joleen


Joleen's failed attempt to finally have an unsleazy picture with me


Them gerls, Jacq, Iza, Joleen


Mad Max (birthday boy) and the Laos boyz Raul, Henry, me

Sid's awesome fish 'n chips (Atlantic cod), and some green shit, and...

Sid's awesome fish 'n chips (Atlantic cod), and some green shit, and...

The blue cheese shrooms are highly recommended. So are d crazy bbq pork ribs (sorry no picture - usually ribs gone b4 camera aims)

The blue cheese mushrooms are highly recommended. So are d crazy bbq pork ribs (sorry no picture - usually ribs gone b4 camera aims)

Someone stole my Che tobacco box. Dam u capitalists.

A great night. 14 barrels says so.


Life & love actually

Brain damage rating: 7.5/10


Sid’s Pub opens a new outlet

The popular English pub in TTDI (aka my office pub) is launching its new branch in The Village, Bangsar South City, on Wednesday.

Drink up! Starts at 5pm.


Sid's TTDI

Mmmmm... Pigs in Blanket - pork sausages wrapped by bacon

Mmmmm... Pigs in Blanket - pork sausages wrapped by bacon

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