Malaysia Top 10 my ass

The Star ran an article a coupla weeks ago, claiming Malaysia is in the Top 10 for alcohol consumption in the world.

Flattering, but totally false.

It quoted a deputy minister Heng Seai Kie, saying things like we’re alcos, bla bla bla. The journalist and editors just took it as gospel and ran the story, creating all sorts of reactions and consequences.

Maybe it’s part of an excuse to raise the tax on alcohol even higher this October, then probably we’ll have the highest tax in the world!

Prices are high enough

I wrote a letter to them on behalf of Alcon (Alcohol Consumer Rights Group), telling them the real situation, and giving them links to actual data.

Unfortunately, they didnt publish the letter, nor did they run an appropriate clarification. Biasa la. Screw up and dont wanna admit. So i guess its up to me to clear the air, once and for all. (The link to the letter is here.)

In the drinking world, Malaysia ranks 167th. That’s right. 167.

How dehell did we suddenly become Top 10?

It was based on some obscure report (available online but i wont bother to link) by Consumer Association of Penang. CAP’s president SM Idris is kinda militant alcophobic.

Must have had a bad experience.

Either way, the grandad aint gonna defend drinkers’ rights, thats for sure. If it was up to him, drinking would be illegal.

Anyway, according to WHO’s (World Health Organization) global report, the average consumption on Earth is 6.2 liters of pure alcohol per human per year. Malaysia’s annual intake in merely 0.82 liters / person. (The Star said 7 liters!) And WHO also states that 97% of Malaysians are abstainers. WHO’s report on Malaysia here.

Malaysia might be ranked low, but we sure know how to party eh

This Top 10 bullshit has been around for a few years. It’s a myth that i hope is finally busted.

Hence, the need for Alcon to enlighten journalists, public, NGOs, government, etc. And to push for a freeze on taxes until 2020. Pls join the group as we need support. And suggest to friends too. 5,000 members would be a good figure.

Good news is Alcon will be having its official launch early next month, and all members are specially invited to d party. Watch the group page!


Stupid drunks!

Man, its been more than a week since i posted! An all-time record.

To make it up, here’s sumtin for a laugh. A collection of images of drunks, and how they fuck-up / pass-out. These freaks give alcohol a bad name.

Sum crazy shit. Thankfully in this country, we generally aint like these folks. Fuckin embarrassing. Most of them dont know how to lie down straight, or how to use a bench. The girls are no different.

I dont know why these idiots always slump wrong-side-up, with their heads down, etc. Some of them could unconsciously choke on their own puke n die. They shd be laid on their side.

And some of d pranks their so-called friends pull on them are ridiculous.

Have a good laugh with the photos of d losers of booze.


#1 Limbo rock gone wrong



#4 Fuckin yoga n shit

# 5



#8 Benches aren't for your legs dumbass

#9 Definitely the most comfy spot so far

#10 Some fucker decorated the side of my ride like this before, thankfully just d outside. And another guy passed out with my dog outside


#12 Push-ups or wat

#13 Alien cocoon

#14 Gosh. Get a neck dude

#15 In broad daylight


#17 Gross shit

#18 What's up!

#19 Too thirsty




#23 If i were him, i'd puke on them

#24 Dis German dude had to be rescued from a manhole. He cant remember how he got his ass stuck there. Looks comfy. All that's missing is a glass in his hand


#26 Hangin out



#28 Street yoga. I think in Yoga-rap they call this d Child Pose. Drunk child

#29 A guy spooning a horse?? Lucky for him it aint d other way around!

#30 No comment



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