Latest beer – Grimbergen (blond)

A new beer was launched in Malaysia a coupla days ago. Grimbergen is an ale from Belgium, and has a real long past. It’s like…  goddam medieval beer! From 883 years ago.

It went down at Brussels Beer Cafe in KL.

Ready for execution

The bottle is ol skool & dark, and very heavy. Content per bottle is 650ml.


I like the logo – a golden phoenix. The beer is served in a chalice, to add a barbarian touch.

The fathers at the Abbey of Grimbergen founded by St Norbert in the village of Grimbergen near Brussels logically used the hops and barley that grew around the abbey to make beer, which was consumed by travellers at the attached inn.

The phoenix logo is actually the abbey’s coat-of-arms. The Carlsberg Group has acquired its license to brew.

Best part is….

Don't mess

As the label shows, it’s got decent strength, and is from the year 1128. No shit.

For an ale at that strength, its extremely easy-drinking. The head is fine and creamy. It’s light-tasting, a lil sweet, with only a slight bitterness, and that only in the finish.

I wiped out several glasses like they werent there, and before i knew it, i was cruising. You would never think it’s 6.7%.

Clear gold

The beer is not really available everywhere yet. At d mo, Brussels Cafe in KL might have some, if we didnt finish ’em all that night. This initial batch of 180 bottles were brought from Singapore, but stocks direct from Belgium should be coming soon, and will be available at all Brussels Cafe outlets.

The lager’s website and FB page are in French, so no point linking here. They need to wake up.

It will cost $38++ or $43.70 net per 650ml bottle. Costly, but that’s d deal for this ancient abbey beer. Not something to drink daily.


It’s brought in by Luen Heng, a Carlsberg Malaysia subsidiary. The Blond (gold) variety is the first available, and there are plans to bring in another two varieties, And possibly draft as well. I guess that depends on how well it does here.

Brain damage: 8/10

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