Drunk =

… the dude in d video! Fuckin smashed. Broad daylight sumore.


Some viewers say he’s on ketamine or some other drug. Those who say that have never been totally drunk before.

This situation is known among drunks as rubber legs or being legless. Sotong laa.

The worst cases for me is when i take one step forward, but two steps back. Or do the crab – try to walk forward but zig-zag instead. Ketam. (Will do a glossary of boozing terms soon.)

Its useless trying to be useful in dat stage. Your eyes can hardly see coz they half-closed, your mouth and tongue seem paralyzed & spew out some martian language, your legs forget how to go forward, your balance doesnt exist, and you can even forget where u are.

In fact u might walk like a gangster – your legs are already ahead of u, but your body is catching up. So u look like ur leaning back n walking. Haha

So whats this guy tryin to prove? Haha! The guys who sent him on the beer run must be as fucked or worse.

Definitely an A for effort.

The funniest parts for me is when he’s tryin to open d cooler door, and when he ‘leaves’.

Brain damage: 10/10. PERFECT!

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