I gotta say i feel sorry for guys who cant party/booze coz of their chicks. i know quite a few, whose wimin nag da crap outta them when they wanna hangout with their buddies. Haha! Kinda sad.

But whats probably worse is the other way around – chicks who have boyfrens dat cant party as well as them! I mean, comon, thats lame.

If i was a chick, i’d probably dump him. It wdnt work, not for long anyway.

Partyin should be unisex, right?

Somehow its ok if a dude’s girlfren dont go out/party. Its kinda acceptable. And sum guys who go out a lot dig that shit. They want a sit-at-home-woman. I’ll reserve my comments about these freaks for now.

But if a man cant keep up with his gerl, i’m sorry but thats just goddam weird.

And its bound to be a source of tension between d couple.

Unless he’s your permanent designated driver. In which case, lucky u. But u know he wont do it forever right? Someday he’ll crack. “Bitch!! I cant do this anymore!! Fuuuck!!!!” And stick d kitchen knife into your belly.

Or worse, give you the ultimatum – “Choose!”. Haha! Easy choice. CHOOSE LIFE.

Either way, am glad am a guy.

The drinking industry is still sexist. Its funny how beer ads especially always focuses on guys, when in fact a lot of chicks drink beer too. The video below is an example.

Am no expert in relationships, but my advise to d ladies would be patience – avoid these geeks and unadventurous types n wait till u get a guy who’s at least as hardcore as u are.

Like, find someone who wont mind puking next to you.

In d meantime, u guys with chicks, watch the video and weep!

Or move to Argentina.

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