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Did u know that a female beer brewer is known as a Brewster?? Haha

I wish i knew a few brewsters. In fact, i only know two brewers here, and they aint no goddam brewsters.

I do know a few guys who suffer from cenosillicaphobia. No, it’s not the fear of silly caps. It’s fear of an empty beer glass.

You won’t have dat problem with a lil foresight. Why wait till your glass be empty before u order your next beer?? Dont make sense.

I didn’t realize dat this beer i had a few times comes from the world’s oldest brewery. Weihenstephan is the oldest functional brewery, built in 1040.



Quite a few interesting facts bout beer at this site. A total of 24 Facts You Didn’t Know About Beer. But u gotta be quite a Martian not to know all 24. I learnt 13 new facts bout beer.

The first recorded drunk-driving accident was in 2,000 BC. Haha. 4,000 years ago? Who was it? Fred Fuckin Flintstone?

Whoever it was, the punk was crucified. Literally.

There’re also 400 varieties of beer. Not brands. Varieties. Which means i still have several hundred to go thru.


Thirsty now.

Beer - not just for kiddies

Beer – not just for kiddies

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