One or two drinks…

was d plan. We were doin some absinthe cocktail sampling at Wabisabi. So we sampled. And according to eyewitness reports, were eventually staggering outta there. Haha

We bar flies

We bar flies

There was absinthe + Blue Curacao (Smurf), absinthe cranberry (Ms Hyde), and absinthe + mint liqueur (Dr Jekyll). D cranberry one turned out d best. As it was a sampling, portions were small.

Dr Jekyll's medicine

Dr Jekyll's medicine

Select your potion

Select your potion

So me n Henry decided to ‘top-up’ (konon). We each had three pints of black shit, and The Hulk – absinthe mixed with Guinness (downed that), and three shots of Jose Cuervo, and ended with three shots in a row of absinthe, neat.

Vincent of TWE, d absinthe distributor, showed up at our spot. And probably regretted it. We made him light up his absinthe instead of adding water. Poor guy was shocked, but he downed them neat anyway.

We told him to screw d “French style”, “Swiss style” or watever white-man style that he was showing us and do it KL style. He seemed to like it. Not sure whether he still liked it in d morning.

The Hulk. There's a shooter glass of absinthe in there somewhere

The Hulk. There's a shooter glass of absinthe swimmin in there somewhere

Henry does not remember d lok-lok we had. Does not remember puking at Mad Max’s car. And didn’t know whose traces of puke was in his sink. Well, now u know man.


U absinthe junkies

I was asked by my buddy Alet about the exact location to buy absinthe retail. He says one of d outlets (Palette2) sells it close to 500 bucks a bottle, and $45 a shot.

Being the communist that I am, i find that plain wrong. C’mon, for d price of 4 shots, I can buy a bottle of absinthe retail. Go get your own from Tong Woh, the importer.

In the spirit of solidarity, I’ve decided to be an angel (or is it fairy) and create a link for a map that points out the exact location of d booze shop in PJ. Nah. (It can load a lil slow sometimes, but u’ll get there)

If u STILL can’t find it, screw u. Wat am i, an absinthe pimp?

Actually, no, gimme a call, i’ll take u there, so long as i drink with u.

Keep an extinguisher / water handy, if u drink it d way i do.

Otherwise, here are some mixing options. These are the ones that I swallowed during the launch.


Absinthe cocktails



30ml La Clandestine Absinthe

15ml Monin Passion Fruit Syrup

20ml Boiron White Peach Puree

60ml Apple Juice

1 nos Lime Wedge

Ice Cube

Mix all ingredients into mixing glass & shake. Strain content into a 12oz catalina/sling glass.

Garnish with lemongrass stalk and mint sprig.




5ml La Angelique Absinthe

Orange Zest

1 nos Fresh Strawberry

35ml Cognac Brandy

15ml Monin Vanilla Syrup

Crushed Ice

Place Angelique absinthe and orange zest into a brandy snifter and flame.

Muddle fresh strawberry into a 12oz collins and add rest of ingredients including flamed absinthe. Stir till well mixed. Top with more crushed ice.

Garnish with strawberry halve.



40ml La Clandestine Absinthe

20ml Monin White Chocolate Syrup

3 drops Orange Infused Malt Whisky / Bourbon

Ice Cube

Mix all ingredients and stir till a desired consistency is achieved.

Fine strain content into a chilled martini glass.

Garnish with cinnamon stick.


So innocent-looking, ain't it

So innocent-looking, ain't it


Now, ain’t it faster and less messy to have it straight up? Sure, it won’t taste as good, but at least it’s to-the-point. Or u could start with cocktails, and when u get bored of that, burn ’em all!

If u got long hair, watch out now. Absinthe is extremely flammable. U just need to get an open flame close to it and it lights up. And everything that came into contact with the liquor will go up, including your fingers, as I discovered. But after a few shots, u won’t really care. Anyway, everybody has some form of drinking-related scars (physical or mental) .


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