This has been a month of beers! Shitloads of beers.

Wats so funny drunkard?!

GAB is behind the country’s biggest Oktoberfest celebrations thus far, with various events all over Malaysia. Street parties, all-night happy hours, German food, music, etc. It’s 200 years since the fest began in Germany.

Dats me in green, participating in sum retarded Martian dance

Fortunately, recovered in time and tried to look short. Booze in one hand, alcohol-tax protest flyers in the other. Haha

Attended the launch of GAB’s Oktoberfest at Souled Out. T’was quite a party! With tents outdoors n all. The best part was the mega one-liter mugs! Insane. Bigger than some of my friends’ heads. And you could refill them as often as u wanted.

The taps ready to rumble

All taps were flowing – Guinness, Kilkenny, Tiger, Heineken, Paulaner and Strongbow. A no-holds-barred event!

Hey, but thats MY line. Haha. Refer to my Booze Glossary

I decided to hang with Kilkenny. Had litres of it!

That's what d bottom of a one-litre mug looks like. Pretty damn far

There's a really unique clunk when u cheers with one-litre mamas

The Oom Pah Pah band added some zest to d festivities. And the German-looking ‘barmaids’.

Ze band played on

D fest outside Souled Out

Then there was the one at Sid’s TTDI. Outdoor as well, and the band showed up again.

Saw them yet again at the launch of Mayfair, a new English bar /pub / restaurant in Damansara Perdana (PJ Trade Center, near Ecoba).

Luv dat tree. Afternoon session, Sid's Kenny Hills


And saw the band yet again at the huge Beerfest in the gardens of Sid’s Kenny Hills. By then i knew the goddam lyrics.

DOZENS of barrels went down last Sunday afternoon in the outdoors. Cheap booze, chillout weather. Perfect!

In the midst of all dat partyin & shit, had to organize a press conference to protest the damn booze tax. Haha. An October to remember, if my brain's ok

I’ve put on one kilo. And October aint even over. Is it party season yet??

Lord have mercy.

Now THAT'S a goddam drink


Brain damage: 8/10

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