Yes, no, yes, no?

As usual, after they fuck-up, the government tries to do damage-control. So now, Muslims may attend the Guinness gig. Whether guests will be able to drink is unknown. Probably not.

They were actually going to do a booze-free and Muslim-free party? How inappropriate and insulting, especially the Muslim-free part. What a disaster.

How dahell did we allow ourselves to get to this situation?

The thing is many event organizers (this event is by Galaxy Group) usually care about makin sure the event happens, so they make their profits. I guess they dont care if the sell Malaysian citizens out while they do it. That’s extremely selfish and unpatriotic, dont u think?

They aint gonna fight for our rights.

If everybody in dis country did exactly what the government ordered, this country would be fucked. Dat’s why the government keeps doin u-turns – coz the People make it clear whenever they fuck up. Which is often. Thats our responsibility as citizens.

Been kindly offered a free ticket or 2 by d organizer’s rep. Not sure if am goin tho. Companies and event organizers that sell-out our rights so easily to the authorities for the sake of a gig, turn me off. What efforts were made by them to protest against such stupid rules? What will they be doing in the future to ensure this kinda crap dont happen again?

Respect our rights.

This whole incident has left behind a bad taste and bad vibes. The worst part is it’s supposed to be an ‘entertainment’ event.


Yup, it’s hit da fan

The Guinness 250th Anniversary party with Black Eyed Peas next month at Sunway Lagoon – no Muslim guests can enter. Not only dat, even though it will be for only non-Muslims and is a Guinness party, there will be no booze allowed. Orders from the government. (Read article here.)

Talk about segregating non-Muslims and Muslims! This will be quite effective. That’s what the so-called government wants – disunity.

A worldwide Guinness event with no booze. Is this a joke?? I guess Guinness will never choose KL again as their Asia Pacific venue for future global events.

It happened once before, but few took it seriously.

Shit has hit da fan, and it’s hit real high. It can only get worse. Our civil rights are being screwed.

Thanks to those of us who could do something about it, but refused.


Beer also can kecoh ah? Rilek laa

Some people in Shah Alam want to ban d sales of beers at convenience stores there. Are they sane? It’s just beer for cryin out loud.

Devil's piss

Beer = satan

Yea, we all know Muslims aren’t supposed to drink beer (if they follow what they religion says), but does the religion also say non-Muslims cant have access to beer? I doubt it. Muslim rules dont apply to those who dont believe in that religion.

It’s like me saying to Muslims or Jews its ok to eat pork coz my religion says its ok. Dat’s wrong.

If u dont wanna drink, just dont drink la. Chill. There’s really no need to freak out n over react n deny others their rights. So there’s beer for sale there – but does someone drag u to the store, drag u to pick up a beer, drag u to d cashier, then force the beer down your  throat? I sure havent seen shit like dat happen before.

Convenience stores are for d convenience of everyone right?

If this is d concept, what wd be next? Ban food with pork over there? Ban beef in Sentul cos majority are Hindus? It dont work dat way man.

Just disallow sales to Muslims there la. Problem solved.

Politicians always tryin to divide Muslims and non-Muslims. Bodoh.

A caveman and alcophobic like Hassan Ali should remain in a cave, no?

No temptations there. No beer there either.

Rilek la. Kita semua orang Malaysia. Satu geng.

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