The Bee’s cocktails and BBQs

The Bee in Publika has been around awhile now. I find it a cool place to hang out on weekend afternoons, especially when one of their BBQs are goin on. A few cold beers, some good food, company of friends…  sall u need.

It also has a bunch of cool cocktail additions to its drinks menu, made with fresh ingredients. Established barman CK is now at The Bee, so that’s good news for drinkers. The outlet has also seen renovations – there’s a cool lil lounge by the bar now.

2014-03-13 19.08.15

CK in action

Checked out some of their drinks recently, and got to screw around with some DIY too, with Tanqueray Ten gin.

I started with a Mai Tai. It was very well-made. Refreshing feel, fresh ingredients, good balance (which is always an issue), with different flavours trying to gain the upper hand.

The Rum Shack is sumtin else altogether. It’s a shared frozen cocktail – mega pitcher, light on the alcohol, with some pleasant lollipop flavours – brings out the alcokid in me. Nice.



There’re others of course. Being a fan of Kelapa Rock, I had to have the rum-based cocktail drink served in a coco with some lime juice added, Coconut Rum (RM23+). I also made my own simple gin cocktail – with Tanqueray, some fruits n herbs, and tonic water. They call this cocktail Gintonica.

Other popular drinks are Two-Man Tent Espresso Martini and Boozy Cendol.

Make your own

Make your own


My result

My result





Pina Colada. I got a thing for cocktails in fruits. Must be the tropical in me

Pina Colada. I got a thing for cocktails in fruits. Must be the tropical in me

The monthly BBQ on Sundays features a special menu with some interesting food n snacks while u booze up, reasonably-priced too. You get a couple of burritos for ten bucks, etc. You could fill yourself up for under 20 bucks, that’s for sure. There aren’t any drink deals tho. I was hoping for some beer buckets.



Also on BBQ Sundays are usually other forms of entertainment. There was a ukelele class happening while i drank.

The Bee is a pioneering events and entertainment (and F&B) space; there’s always sumtin goin on. I like that. It’s also pet-friendly.

Other regular events are open mics, band nights, Raising The Bar (poetry + hip-hop), comedy, the Upfront Series, and wine appreciation.

In session

In session


2014-03-30 18.31.41




Coming soon


BBQ Sundays are only once a month – the last Sunday of every month. Which means the next one is… this weekend!

Get your shades on.


Brain damage: 8/10

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  1. Hi! I just came across your blog and I’m inetresetd in going to check out coffee bar k too. How do you get there? Is it in UE square itself? Because I don’t seem to see it there?

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