Belgian Beer Fest

..goin on now at all Brussels Beer Cafes.

An interesting variety of beers are available at Brussels.

The details

A new one was unveiled at the launch last Tuesday РHoegaarden Ros̩. On tap!

It’s basically Hoegaarden ale infused with raspberries. It was a lil too sweet at first, but funnily enough, it grew on me.

New hoe hits town

For now, the Rosé is only available at the Jaya One outlet.

The main beers being featured for the festival, which is from June 6 – 16, are Hoegaarden, Stella Artois, Grimbergen, Leffe & Belle-vue.

When i was in Brussels (the real one in Belgium), there were tons of beers, especially those made from fruits. There was strawberry, apple, cherry, raspberry, banana, grape, etc etc. Had a blast trying them all.

Colours galore

I can vouch that they’re all great drinks.You can get a platter of all beers in tasting sizes, called the Combo, and it comes with a food platter too. For $93.70 nett, u can get the pair. Or just the beers for $68.20.

Get there before June 16.

The platter. 200ml a pop

Jager and egg? How about no?!

Dax was made to down a Jager submarine (pint) by 6pm

Time to get dizzy

Brain damage: 7.5/10

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