My funky Panasonic Magik

I’ve been using a camera for about two years. I dont treat it good. Coz it kinda goes everywhere with me. All sorts of messy parties, events, travels n gigs. It’s taken a whole lotta shit, like a pro.

For 600 bucks, i dont expect miracles, but it’s compact n fits very comfortably in my rear pocket. Also if i lose it, no big deal.

Anyway, it started to screw up after abt a year. The LCD screen started to zap, and got smaller every month. After a while, i had a one-inch screen. Still could use it.

Eventually, i landed on my ass with d camera in it, and d screen wiped out for good.

I still used it. There was no screen, no viewfinder. I shot blind, for almost the entire 2011. Haha. So all d pix from 2011 were fired at random. Like the Bentong Falls trip, and the cachaça cocktail session on the roof @ View Bar.

But they turned out well. What can i say, i got skills. I think some of my friends picked up a new skill too.

So there’s no preview/playback, which is great esp when some busybody wanna see how they look in d picture. They cant. Awesome. Problem is the only time u can check what u shot, is when ur home at the PC.

And there’s no adjusting settings, like flash, exposure, macro, etc.

Its a real bitch when u ask someone to take a picture for u. Can be tough for them.

A normal view (left), and the special view (right)

It’s pretty easy once u get d hang of it. Now, i got a new camera, and the screen is like a damn bonus. (But new guy took a hit recently – battery / SD card cover blew off.)

Thing is, when the ol camera got messed up, i continued using it, assuming i’d lose it anyday, like i’d had done to previous cameras – so i could have an excuse to buy a new one. I did manage to ‘lose’ it a few times but the fucker always came back.

I named it Boomerang.

Ol Boomy caught some hell

Anyway, Boomer has served me well. It’s still usable i guess, tho it hasnt seen action in a while.

Take a break amigo.

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9 thoughts on “My funky Panasonic Magik

      • O God! totally forgot that i DID buy a replacement for Boomer last year, but it didnt make it! Took it to Laos on my second trip there. It took a sip in the river, and screen n zoom got fucked. Damn. Beware, the curse of Boomer. So this new guy is the second replacement. Cibai betol

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