Am officially a human spare-parts store

Received my Organ Donor Card today. If i die, my parts will live on. Haha


Do it. Don’t assume u gonna live forever, altho dats human nature/ human arrogance. Go to A Gift of Life now. Fill the form, and the card that u should carry on you at all times, will be mailed to you.

It only takes five minutes. And it could make someone who’s now in misery and suffering on a daily basis, happy and free for the rest of their lives.
I don’t think it’s a great thing to do, merely the logical one. In fact I feel it shd be d other way around. You shd carry a card if u DON’T want your parts used.

Our organs originated when we were in our Mum’s belly, a miracle and gift from Nature. Just pay it forward now.

If there’s one thing we’ll never know, it’s when we gonna checkout.

Don't be stingy now

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