Bentong, round 2

Did a riverside BBQ at this waterfall area near the Pahang interior town of Bentong.

Falls yonder

As usual, finished half d beers on d way there dammit.

We basically had the riverbank to ourselves, and after  a quick dip, set up a spot near a lil beach for the bar n bbq.


The food wasnt that important – more like beer-snacks, so we stuck to some lamb dogs and burgers and mustard n jalapenos n shit. Turned out great.

Our kitchen with a view

The beers were ice-cold, the food spicy, the sun blazing, the river chilly. Perfect!

Baby Keisha in da mix

Those Sarawakians weren’t there tho, unlike the crazy last trip!

Hooligans snatch food


Outta there!

A super Sunday!


Brain damage: 7/10

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