And another new Absolut bottle..

Absolut seems to be releasing new bottle designs every few months.

But the most exclusive and luxurious type of its iconic bottle is the Absolut Crystal Pinstripe.


Inspired by the Savile Row pinstripe suit, the bottle has been designed by Swedish designer duo Skogsberg & Smart.

It was launched last week at Stockholm Airport, and in line with its exclusivity, will only be available at travel retail (soon). KLIA? I doubt it. Price is as yet unknown.

It’s hand-blown, hand-cut and hand-engraved in crystal by craftsmen at the Reijmyre glassworks in the Östergötland region in southern Sweden.


Each bottle is numbered and signed by the cutter after inspection and approval. The bottle is presented in treasure chest case made by hand and dressed in traditional pinstripe fabric.

The case also contains two matching tumblers. The collection has been inspired by the Savile Row pinstripe suit.

With only 800 bottles produced, i reckon this one will interest bottle collectors.


Baileys Biscotti to launch the UK for now. This is a brand new flavour, a blend of Baileys Original Irish Cream and the aroma of the traditional double-baked Italian biscuits, biscotti.

Cant wait

Biscotti is an almond and pine-nut biscuit.

This is now Baileys’ fifth flavour, as their flavour range is really going well. They’re pushing for Baileys to be enjoyed all year, and not just for Christmas.

Heck i’d enjoy it for CNY, Raya, Gawai, Kaamatan, Deepavali, Halloween, New Year, Wesak, Vesakhi, Valentine’s, breakfast….

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