Slight increase involving beer

Prices of certain products from Guinness Anchor Bhd and Carlsberg Malaysia has gone up by a small amount, ie 3%. It’s in line with inflation, or in fact, below inflation.

This is due to the rise in prices of raw products, etc. According to GAB, costs have increased significantly for malt, aluminium, and transport, by up to double digits. However, the breweries have probably been able to absorb and hedge most of it.

GAB brands

Prices at outlets aren’t expected to increase. I think all bars will absorb this increase, due to its small amount. If a beer used to be supplied to them at five bucks, now it will cost $5.15. With the very high competition among bars now, i cant foresee any of them increasing prices.

For GAB, it’s for all their main brands (Tiger, Guinness, Heineken, Kilkenny, Strongbow, Anchor), except Paulaner. For Carlsberg, they did not repond to my questions quick enough, but i’d assume it would involve Carlsberg lager, Connors, Skol, Tuborg, Tetley’s and Blackthorn.

Carlsberg Malaysia

Any bar that increases their beer prices would piss a lot of drinkers off, that’s for sure, considering their mark-ups are already between 100% to 300%.

And if the increase is more than 3%, it might be illegal, so this would be a great time for us to try out the new Anti Profiteering Act 2010, and contact the Malaysian Competition Commission to get on the outlet’s case.

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