Tasting-out Glenmorangie

Scotland’s best-selling single malt had a tasting session recently, which i totally enjoyed. Mainly coz i’ve never sat in one spot and tried the range that the award-winning Glenmorangie offers. Now i’ve got new good buddies.


It went down at The Hill, and pre-dinner drinks were Glenmorangie of course, which i had on the rocks. The fine whiskies were accompanied with pretty fine food as well.

I find Glenmorangie to be pretty experimental with their aging techniques, giving their whiskies different and more subtle flavours compared with other singles. In the ’60s they began using ex-bourbon casks when others were using sherry casks, and in 1996, they introduced their wood-finished range, utilizing port wood casks and wine barriques as final aging vessels. These styles are now used by many distilleries.

The first of three whiskies on the list was the Glenmorangie Original, the backbone of the range, aged 10 in American white oak bourbon casks. I liked this. It gives a floral-spice nose, while in the mouth, it has a short spiciness, a lil sweet, with a mild finish. There’s no tongue-bite, and has a hint of smokiness. Very good balance, to me at least.

A sit-down session

The Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or exhibits whiffs of vanilla. Taste-wise, it’s light caramel, woody, and creamier than the Original. There’s a persistency in the finish. But you wouldnt think that it weighs in at a fine 46%.

The Nectar is aged 12, with 10 years in American bourbon oak followed by time in Sauternes wine casks from France. This final aging is what gives this Scotch its distinct flavour.

Hot stuff

My first whiff of the Glenmorangie 18 Year Old somehow gave me flashbacks of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Damn. Must be some sort of craving that needs to be quenched. Hmmm.. (*hint hint* to Charles. Paging Charles Wright.)

It gives out sweetish and pleasant toffee notes. It tastes extremely smooth, sweet-sour and multi-layered. It finishes just as silky. It kinda reminds me of a very good aged rum, with a nutty tease.

Slowly matured for 15 years in the finest ex-bourbon oak casks, a proportion is transferred to Spanish Oloroso sherry casks for the final three years of maturation. Excellent.

I like. All three

I sure have renewed interest in Glenmorangie when it comes to drinking Scotch. Will certainly look forward to our next meeting!


Brain damage: 7.5/10

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4 thoughts on “Tasting-out Glenmorangie

  1. I love Glenmorangie. It’s my favorite of the non-Islay whiskies haha.

    When I did my tasting, they gave me the Signet and the 25Yo. Those were probably some of the most awesome whiskies I ever had.

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