RIP, Train

One of the top ghetto wines known to mankind, Night Train Express, is most likely no longer available in Malaysia.

Yo I aint happy.

D locomotive from hell has pulled into d station for d final time

D locomotive from hell has pulled into d station for d final time!

Dis shit was my FIRST love, when i first started on the booze journey in college. The Train is what got me into serious drinkin man. Used to do it with dudes like Ham, Scarface, Presidente, Volume, Fat Bala, Voyeur. We got a history, d Train n me boys.

We had this move – where two of our cars on d way to someplace would decide to travel alongside each other n pass d Train from one car to d next. Quite a delicate skill. Requires finesse, and alcohol in yor veins. And clear road ahead of u.

The other car would ride the Train then pass it back when they’re ready. Amazingly, there has never been contact between the vehicles.

Yea, we were a bunch of fucking cowboys.

If not for d Train, my retarded blog wdnt exist. Haha

Been lookin for it for ol times sake recently. I tried d most likely haunts – Joy, Sri Kota, TMC, supermarkets and Chinese-medicine joints. Failed. Two of ’em said d Train is no longer being imported.

But whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

The world has lost some of its cool.

It’s been good buddy. See u on d other side!

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10 thoughts on “RIP, Train

  1. Probably not importing anymore ’cause there are other more deadly shit out there now that are easier to import regionally. Have you tried around Masjid India? There are a lot of other bottle shops around there that hasn’t been explored…

  2. Attending private party with Serani@Eurasians oldies for their sons 21 Birthday party last Saturday was indeed a good thing at times. Little did i know, they were drinking Night Train despite having other liquids present on the bar. According to the oldies, they got some lubang to get it from Brick fields. I yet to have the details as they were too high on the Train 🙂 . Nevertheless. I will update your good self once i have the details.
    I believe the Lyrics from Ricy Price, Heaven Knows suits you well as you quote “Dis shit was my FIRST love, Night Train” hahaha

  3. Bro, i just saw a few bottles in Giant’s liquor section. Was initally attracted by the 30% discount on wine offer…on the first day of Raya. Ahak~!

    Am not sure if its available in all outlets though.Goodluck in locating it.

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