One or two drinks…

was d plan. We were doin some absinthe cocktail sampling at Wabisabi. So we sampled. And according to eyewitness reports, were eventually staggering outta there. Haha

We bar flies

We bar flies

There was absinthe + Blue Curacao (Smurf), absinthe cranberry (Ms Hyde), and absinthe + mint liqueur (Dr Jekyll). D cranberry one turned out d best. As it was a sampling, portions were small.

Dr Jekyll's medicine

Dr Jekyll's medicine

Select your potion

Select your potion

So me n Henry decided to ‘top-up’ (konon). We each had three pints of black shit, and The Hulk – absinthe mixed with Guinness (downed that), and three shots of Jose Cuervo, and ended with three shots in a row of absinthe, neat.

Vincent of TWE, d absinthe distributor, showed up at our spot. And probably regretted it. We made him light up his absinthe instead of adding water. Poor guy was shocked, but he downed them neat anyway.

We told him to screw d “French style”, “Swiss style” or watever white-man style that he was showing us and do it KL style. He seemed to like it. Not sure whether he still liked it in d morning.

The Hulk. There's a shooter glass of absinthe in there somewhere

The Hulk. There's a shooter glass of absinthe swimmin in there somewhere

Henry does not remember d lok-lok we had. Does not remember puking at Mad Max’s car. And didn’t know whose traces of puke was in his sink. Well, now u know man.

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2 thoughts on “One or two drinks…

  1. Mister Thirsty Blogger, thanks for dropping by and knocking urself out wif Absinthe.. always a pleasure! 😉

    But u gotta discover the beauty of drinking it the traditional ways… It’s not de ‘alkie’ way of drinking i know, bt u’ll learn to like it, for when you add water to the combination of herbs, dats when the magic of absinthe is released…

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