Steve Webster (only 18) should be DEAD, according to the doctors! A crate of beer, plus 1.5 bottles of Absolut and one bottle of Sambuca?? And still walkin around??

Daam. Alien.

Steve will need 10 kilos of bacon for d hangover! He probably holds d world record for most drinks consumed by an individual (that survived).

Scientists should cut him up ASAP. And clone his liver. Hardcore shit.

The most I ever drank alone is….  hmmm.. Don’t think I’ve ever gotten totalled by myself. Normally need teammates / cheerleaders. Coz i’m not an alco.

My max for beer is probably like a dozen. Guinness maybe 10, liquor not sure – at least half a bottle, wine probably 2 bottles, cocktails – 1.5 jugs (Long Island).

But i tend to mix em up n create cocktails – in my stomach.

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