Dewar’s 12 Years gets a makeover

The Dewar’s 12 Years Old Scotch is one i always enjoy drinking. Good-tasting stuff. Well-balanced, lively, clean easy-drinking whisky. I remember we (+ the cousins n uncles) polished 20 bottles of this before my brother’s wedding-lunch, at like 11am.

Insanity? Nope. Biasa.

The 12 is not seen very often here, but i feel it’s got potential to do better.

The White. Classic

In fact, the standard Dewar’s, the White Label, is decent stuff as well (with over 100 awards). Can be enjoyed with water. The White is also the number one-selling Scotch in the US. (The top-selling whiskies featured here before).

In the ‘Fields (Brickfields), its only 70 bucks a litre. I usually keep one handy in my room.


It’s come a good way since John Dewar’s small wine and spirits store in 1846 in Perth. But it was his son Tommy that travelled the world by sea to market it. Like he said way back then – “If you don’t advertise, you fossilize.” He created the first alcohol cinema ad – in 1898!


Anyway, Dewar’s of Aberfeldy decided to give its bottles a new, contemporary look. The event was cool – at the Turf Club in Sg Besi.


My first visit there. Its huge. It happened in the corporate box overlooking the track. Fat cat, with it’s own bar n shit.


My brunch

After some bubbly, we got down to the real stuff. I enjoyed mine with water & ice. Sometimes soda.

The new design incorporates a wave in the glass, symbolizing the well-rounded whiskies that Dewar’s creates.


There are 40 whiskies from all over Scotland that go into each bottle of Dewar’s. And the unique feature is that although the whiskies that go into the blend are already aged, the blend is then aged again in oak casks, before being bottled.

Makes the drink smoother, creamier, with a lingering finish. It’s called double-aged, obviously. Dewar’s has been doing this for over 100 years.


The main flavour found in Dewar’s is honey, which comes from Dewar’s own distillery, the Aberfeldy (which is also sold as a single malt).

The current master blender is a chick! That’s a first!

Full gallop

Made bets on the race. Win some, lose some

Party warmin up

This is where we bet

This where the cheap seats bet

The door gift? The best gift at such events. My very own Dewar’s 12 Years. The new design of course.

It’s lookin at me right now…


Brain damage: 7/10


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