The BIG beer-tasting

Tested shitloads of interesting beers for some freelance work – writing a beer supplement for New Man mag. Twelve pages worth!

I was handed 30+ different beers to test, from all over the world (but sold here). How nice of the editor.

This is how my fridge looked like:

So many beers, it blocked out the sun

It was quite an experience. There were many beers that i’ve never had in my life. So i had a beer-tasting party at the pad. Needed back-up yo! Got prettyyy bent.

Am better at appreciating beers now, tho i’m still not a very big lager fan. Definitely prefer ales. I make exceptions for Beer Lao and Chang.

Some of the aftermath

It was a fun assignment. Of all the beers tested, 24 are featured in the mag, ranging from Best Draughts, Best Easy-Drinking Beers to..

In a hurry to get whacked?? Refer to "Beers to Get you There" and choose from five options. This punk is a 10%

One of my favourite dark beers

Enjoyed the wheat beers the most – Franziskaner, Konig Ludwig and Erdinger Dunkel, a dark wheat beer. The articles are in this month’s issue of New Man.

There's actually quite a range in Malaysia, mostly in supermarkets

The beers featured retail from $4 to $22 per bottle.

I hope this is an annual part of the mag! Monthly would be better of course, but there aren’t enough beers here dammit.


Brain damage: 7.5/10

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15 thoughts on “The BIG beer-tasting

  1. Definitely call u next session. Havent seen this month’s Timeout mag tho.
    Saw your cachaca piece is last Thursday’s Star. Tx for the Alcon plug.
    OK dude, we’ll have a few at d Absolut event then

  2. uwah. love this gig! these stuff i envy. and love the ‘sour, almost-rusty’ plug on franziskaner haha brilliant u sound like u could be one step away from sniffing wine corks and swirling drops of alcohol around your palate to ‘capture the full bodiedness of the grapes’. chug!

  3. Yea, easy beer. Tried the Hefe n featured it under Best European category. Bought it in One Utama from this joint called Dave. They actually charged me service charge altho i was taking away! Fortunately i could claim for it, but almost told Mrs Dave or watever her name is to shove the bottle up her ass

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