A new liqueur has been released in the US, called Adult Chocolate Milk. Haha.

Breakfast has just gotten more interesting.

Sexy milk maids at d launch, which i unfortunately couldn't attend

Its tagline is “Invented by adults who dont wanna grow up”. And “Re-taste your childhood” or sumtin. ABV is 20%.

Its supposedly already a favourite among the Hollywood celebrities. Which doesnt mean anything.

Good drink for naughty kids who cant sit still. One sip n they should be chillin.

Reminds me of one of my cocktails, Brown-Brown. The easiest DIY cocktail around. Milo-ais + vodka. Can be enjoyed at your local mamak 24-hours a day – just bring a lil flask of vodka.

On a related matter, am just about to crack open this baby. Havent tried d caramel one before. It should rock.


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4 thoughts on “Alco-milk

  1. Not yet. Its new in US. But u can DIY. Buy your favourite carton of choc milk, then pour unflavoured vodka into it n park in fridge. Whenever u want some, pour into a glass of ice. Easy. If u wanna more flavour, use rum instead.
    I’ve tried vodka + milk + Hershey’s chocolate (liquid). Nice.
    I just made myself a little similar cocktail today, coz d weather was awesome. I call it Cao Sikit. Its one shot vodka, half shot Creme de Cacao (chocolate liqueur), one shot Amarula over ice, add milk. Real nice. Was drinkin it way too quick!

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