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Boozepimp of the Month is a column that will feature respectable players in the alcohol industry. These are interesting personalities in the scene that have made a significant impact, or have the potential to do so, or would like to do so.

Boozepimp of the Month for August (sorry i know its late, but Hari Raya holidays, Independence, etc, havin too much fun, u know how it is) is Mr Kennhyn, whom i met coz he’s got a beer blog, BeerBeer.

Kennhyn, 30, is a beerhead. I meet him at many alcohol industry events, holding a beer in his hand and a big smile on his face. He’s a nice church-going boy, and feeds me info on the beer industry here.

Last month, he organized Thirsty Sunday, a chilled-out afternoon event that introduced many beer brands to drinkers here. This will be held again, date to be confirmed.

Wrong team buddy

1. Hey man. So, what made u start BeerBeer?

The main reason is we love beer and thought of writing it down.

2. We? Who’s involved?
Mainly it’s Minjie and me in Malaysia, Vincent Lim writes about his oversea trips on beer, Ahhup is the Singapore Whisky Guy and of course we got the 2 Team A guys that write for fun once in a while.

Any females want to write for us? All batangs writing for the site, not cool…. haha. Oh ya, we have Adelien who works in Germany that writes once a while as well.

3. Quite a crew eh? What do u think your blog has achieved in doing for the drinking scene?
I hope we are able to educate people, to at least make them know what they are drinking than just choosing the brand. Of course in these 2 years, the beer scene has changed a fair bit in the Klang Valley. I guess Beerbeer came into the market at the right time when the beer scene is booming. I don’t think we achieved anything yet, as no one really told us anything about Beerbeer changing anything.

4. What major booze events have u attended?
The major one I attended is Beerfest Asia in Singapore. One of the major events I look forward every year. But the most memorable booze event is the Penang Oktoberfest I went 2 years back. Its memorable as my dad actually followed me to this event, that was the first time I saw my dad drinking beer… haha.

5. Hope he didnt puke. And have u organized events yourself?
Yup, the most recent is the Thirsty Sunday co-joined with Bakita. We hope to have anniversary in a bigger way next year, who knows maybe co-join with the Thirstyblogger… haha, why not?

6. Sure, as long as there’s shitloads of booze. So what do u do full-time?
Basically a full-time blogger and a full-time designer as well, running this two side-by-side. But most of the time, you’ll see me drinking beer.

7. OK. Whats your favourite drink?
Beer for sure.

With Kennhyn at his event

8. What is your favourite i) lager ii) stout iii) ale?

My favourite lager is James Boag – someone bought for me from Australia, Asahi, Singha also I quite like. My favourite stout… not much choice… Guinness.

My favourite ale… this one is hard to answer, my favourite type of ale is IPA (India pale ale). I do like golden ale and pale ale too, all those hoppy beers.

9. IPA? Urgh! And what do u drink regularly?

Mostly lager, a lot easier. But for pairing with food I would normally prefer Hefe Weiss, which has a nicer aroma to pair with.

10. What do you think of the drinking scene here?
So far, many good pubs around town, but there too many dodgy ones as well. The bar scene is still far from healthy. But I guess it will evolve. I still prefer gastro pubs rather than the boom-boom ones!

11. What do you want to see happen?
I would love to see more breweries in this country, more styles of beer coming to the market and basically a healthier drinking scene.

12. What’s the most drunk you’ve been i) in your life; ii) the last one year
Vodka’s always kills me, my worse experience happened about 6-7 years ago… the worst hangover I ever had. As for last year, I was hungover on 3 occasions… the worst was eve of Arthur’s Day, still don’t know what happened, I woke up – there I am in my bed, can’t remember shit about it. But guess what, eve of Arthur’s Day is back… looking forward to it again… hope no more hangovers.

Kennhyn gets a birthday candle

13. From my (bad) experience, its quite challenging riding a bike when senget. Whats your secret skill?
I don’t know, i guess I just turn on the auto mode and my body sensor just helps me get home. I do like to shout a lot while riding my bike when I senget… haha

14. Huh?? OK. Liberating i guess. And what are your upcoming plans for your site?
Slowly venturing into unknown territory like whisky and wine. But a lot of co-join events in the making, will slowly update. The other one is to work with ThirstyBlogger to set-up a mutual website, to change the scene… if possible. Deep, what do you think?

15. Yea man. Sumtin to consider. OK. Anything you’d like to say to COCKTALES’s readers?
Can I do hard-sell promo on Beerbeer… “Come Visit”…haha. I guess know what you drink, at least have some small idea what you are drinking. Don’t force yourself to drink but enjoy it with style. Always remember, you must enjoy your drink! Cheers to Cocktales readers!! Woot! Woot!

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