Care for some pissky?

Man, this is bad.

Some dude has decided to make booze from piss.

And not just anybody’s urine, but from a bunch of ol mafuckers with one butt-cheek in d grave. These freaks got diabetes n shit.

Lemme say that again – booze. To drink.

From piss.

Old, frizzy white-haired people’s piss.

Old, frizzy white-haired people with diabetes and wrinkled asses.

Excuse me while i puke.

(U know wat, this reminds me of some sick dudes here who piss into their empty beer bottles in clubs and leave it lying around the washroom, etc, hoping some drunk dick will pick it up and have a swig! Bastardos.)

Anyway, James “Dickbrain” Giplin in UK, is distilling booze from the sugary piss of old mafuckers who have diabetes. Coz diabetics got sweet piss. Tasty, sweet, yellow, piss. Mmm mmph!

Thankfully he aint selling it. But tasting session Sept 23-26  in London.

I think i’ve drank piss-sourced alcohol before, and it was called Bear Beer.

But look on the bright side – if the world ends and a few stragglers are left, u know who to catch and ‘milk’ to make booze.

Wat dat?!!

James filters the excrement to filter out the ‘good part’ – the sugar. Kencing manis eh? That’s then mixed into a mash. Presumably yeast is added, then its distilled to produce clear pissky. Dude then adds some whisky into the mix, possibly to give it a good nose. Its then bottled with the name and age of the ‘contributor’.

OK, that’s really too much man. Age??

Alco 1: “Whachu got there?”

Alco 2: “Mrs Hag, 78 years. Fragrant, with a hint of diaper.”

Alco 1: “Lame. I got Granny Rose, 101. Smooooooth man, real smooth. A delicate tease of crotch rot.”


Go grab your grandad. Stick a tube up his dick. He’s precious commodity.

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