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The Funky Villa (7725-2308) is this restaurant & bar dats been around for a few months in e@Curve, Damansara Perdana, PJ.

The food is actually authentic Thai. With good selection of grills.

More on that later. Our first drink was a giant margarita. Like fuckin huge. U could lose your face in it.

As compared to a large pack of fags

This is the Funky Rita, with four layers of flavour & colours ($67.85 net). It will take u ages to go thru this frozen stuff! Maybe an hour. So its best to keep this as a side drink while u have your main drink. Its def d largest glass of cocktail i’ve ever attacked.

My fave part is d top, which is a strawberry mix. There are like nine frozen cocktails dat come in these gorilla glasses, like Mama Alexander (rum, Tia Maria, coconut cream)  and Peach Alexander (Cognac, Creme de Cacao, peach liquer).

Tripped out, as the outlet is inspired by Koh Phangan's full moon parties

Melon Colada shd make a decent dessert – rum, Midori, coconut cream, honeydew & vanilla ice-cream.

Totolly trrropikal marn.

Illusion - fruity

We also had some Illusion ($29.90) (Vodka, Malibu, Blue Curacau, Midori, OJ). Strong shit. But like any such cocktail, goes down quick.

I gotta say for a Thai joint, d place has quite a few drinks in its list.

D little food dat we had was great. One amazing dish from northern Thailand is the goddam Ra Hum On Jun. No shit.

Take me to your dealer

Like nothing i’ve had in my life. Basically boiled egg wrapped in fishcake ($15). Am not really a big fan of either one, but man. The eggs are boiled to i dunno 85% or sumtin, so its not totally hard yet, jelly-like, and combines with the spicy fishcake topped with sum salad to blow your mind outta yor skull.

For sharers

After recovery we dug into some platter. Tong Lo ($55.20). This one is kinda a good grill sampler of seafood, tenderloin, prawn cake, spring rolls and a mango salad. For a couple of alcos like me & Byron, we had a tough time finishing it coz our stomachs were full of margarita!But i gotta say, the outlet’s grilled food is excellent. A great accompaniment for drinks. There’re also loads of That tapas.

The menu is very extensive. Makin a choice could be a problem! There are six Thai chefs there.

So our food escapade ended right there, and we moved on to the Nutcracker, a cocktail of vodka, Irish Cream, Amaretto, hazelnut liqeuer and a lil vanilla ice-cream.


The outlet is labelled as a Thai Grill & Wine Room. It does have outdoor BBQ, as well as some wines. There’re actually several sections to it – the dining area inside, the bar  area, the cushy lounge, the patio, and the newly-launched Balcony & Funky Villa.


Barcony is a mezzanine floor, more like a balcony. A great spot for private parties or BBQs. I watched this fish (below) being BBQ-ed – lemongrass-stuffed, (thru d damn mouth) salt-baked sea bass, a northern delicacy. I tried a lil. Niice.

Pla Krapong Tod Sam Rod. Seriously.

The semi-outdoor Balcony

They got sum sweet lunch deals:

OK wat

Happy hours – noon till 6pm – $51.75 for two pints Hoegaarden, Stella or Connor’s. ($63.25 from 6pm-10pm). Carlsberg pitcher at $41.40 from noon till 10pm. Funky Villa opens till late.

Beware the crazy bird..

Yesss... beware

Click on their name to go to their FB page.
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3 thoughts on “Quite a Funky Villa

  1. What would you rate this place in general, in terms of the ambiance, the crowd, music, drinks (alco & non-alco), and food?

    Is it more like a ‘drinking & drunking’ kinda place, or more mellow, where families go there to eat & drink too?

  2. Its kinda combination of both! Interesting mix of diners n drinkers. D difference is d dining crowd tends to thin out by 10pm, and then d drinking continues till late. A dj comes on at 10.
    I guess i’d call it ‘casual fine-dining’. Not really mellow.
    Re non-alco drinks, didnt do any. But there is an interesting range of cold drinks to try out, like Iced Roselle, Iced Tamarind and Iced Lemongrass ($8).
    There’s some Ramadhan buffet goin on i think. Call for details. Click on their name to go to their FB page.

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