Tiger Beer gets a makeover

Spotted what looks like a radical change in the look of Tiger.

The new & the old

The almost all-blue can is now  mix of blue and silver. The gold is gone. Officially the can is called Tiger Platinum.

Definitely less flashy now, but i feel it looks a lil more stylish. Blue and silver has always been a good mix for me. The ZXR 750 i used to ride had that skin.

The medals in the front are clearer n larger, and dont look like gold coins anymore. The brand’s ‘badge’ effect on the front of the previous can has been watered down.

Thankfully the tiger chillin beneath the coconut tree remains the same.

Tiger is doing real well, as evidenced in this report.

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6 thoughts on “Tiger Beer gets a makeover

  1. apparently, a couple of months back other beer cans such as Stella and even Oranjeboom also got a makeover…

    p.s. – i want my beers to be bottled in a non-biodegradable, unrecyclable plastic botol. :-))

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