Them polls

Have done a few polls over the last one year here. To get a feel of the readers psyche, n have some fun.

Shd actually try n do more often.

The last one was “Should guys pay for girls’ drinks?” in relation to the recent ‘girls not paying’ post.

The top answer at 50% of all votes wuz “Sumtimes u buy, sumtines i buy”. Obviously most people believe in equality.  The 2nd fave choice (21%) was “Split the bill”. Lots of fair people out there, or so it seems.

There was a tramp who answered “Always”!

Top drivers prefer Train

On “What kind of drinker are you?”, equal winners were “Whenever i feel like it” as well as “Hardcore muthafucker” (30% each).

Johnnie Walker Black was the chosen whisky, with 26%, followed by 16% with “All of the above” (JW Black, Jim Beam, Chivas Regal, Jack Daniel’s, Dewar’s White Label, J&B), while Chivas was third at 15%. Some dude added “Absinthe”, and 7 people voted for it. Watdefuck, it aint a whisky.

There was a poll on Chili’s, sayin “Chili’s should….”.   The top choice with 31 votes (72%) was “All of the above!”.  The above being:  1. “Be renamed Nazi Bar & Grill”.   2. “Sack all managers”.   3.  “Learn some goddam Malaysian hospitality”.  4. “Give free drinks for a weekend to everyone as an apology”.

I’ll presume they’ll do none of dat.

On breaking da seal, most (55%) can hold for “Five or more drinks”. Good job. One poor loser chose “I gotta piss just by lookin at booze!”

Get a diaper dude. Wattup.

“Sleep” was chosen as your best hangover cure (50%). Two people said “Sex”.

Those who like to drink while driving prefer “Ice cold beer” (47%) as u dodge stupid pedestrians on d roads. (Dont u just hate fuckin pedestrians??! Dinosaurs are more intelligent.)

27% went for “Anything, but nothing from a cup – to avoid spilling on my crotch and steering-wheel”. Yea, aint dat a bitch. Hate it when dat happens.

Night Train was in there too (13%).

On night vs day drunk, most chose night (31%),  but a good number agreed dat “Both are equally important” (21%).  And “No diff, so long as i get high” (21%).

On whether beer should be banned in certain districts, as some moron proposed, yall chose “They should provide free delivery then” (49%).

Dats it for now, tx for your contributions!

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