Tiger Blogfest 2010 (not the beer)

I agreed to join the above, which requires me to post something about protecting our tigers.

Die proud

I say set them free. Burn all the fucking zoos all over d world, set all d animals free. Shut down all the captive breeding programs.

Zoos are pathetic. How can they be justified? Putting animals on display for our sick entertainment. “For the kids” my ass.

Its plain human selfishness.

And ironically animals like tigers, rhinos and pandas are kidnapped from the wild, against their will, and imprisoned for breeding coz we’re afraid they get extinct!

So what? Let them go extinct. We fucked-up, period. We throw them in prison coz we dont want them to die?? Haha! Shows how dumb and egoistic humans can be.

Why torture them for our mistakes? Let them die free.

Thats all i gotta say bout dat.

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3 thoughts on “Tiger Blogfest 2010 (not the beer)

  1. Wow … so angry.

    Sometimes good intention leads to a different ending. Anyway its more about human development, they need space so they took it from the animals, tiger, monkeys and all. Even the ‘orang asal/asli’, red indians included are not spared. Luckily the Eskimos lived in such a cold environment, it probably is just a matter of time.

    Back to the Tiger Blogfest 2010, your blog is #60 of my cyberspace marathon.


  2. I say put the zoo keepers and government officers in cages – see how they feel! And don’t feed them at regular intervals- make them beg for it and get them to ride bicycles and jump through fire hoops. All in the name of conservation, of course!!

  3. Haha!! Dats a good one Lizzie.
    Yea d’enricher, some societies luv to screw & abuse the ones without voices, whether they’re animals or humans. It happens here too obviously. The poor, uneducated, & the Original People get fucked regularly.
    Few of us seem to care about them anyway. In fact they’re probably more dog-protecting organizations here than human-protecting ones. Wat a joke.
    Anyway, i wrote about the issues of zoos for The Star in ’04, after a visit to our fucked-up National Zoo here, and about the futileness of zoos here.
    Obviously i pissed-off the Malaysian Zoological Society

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