New kid in TTDI

Had a blast at da launch of Tom Dick & Harry’s (7710-2122), a new bar in TTDI. All beers on tap were flowing – Hoegaarden, Blackthorn (cider), Tetley’s, Connor’s (stout) & Carlsberg. (No Guinness as its a Carlsberg Malaysia outlet.)

It’s a bar started by a friend and a few of his buds.

Joining the strip

Joining the booze strip

Pricing is OK, a lil above average for a neighborhood pub. I did expect Hoegaarden’s price to be friendlier. At 30 bucks a pint, its steep just for a beer. ($25 happy hours, 4pm-8pm.) A mug of Carlsberg is $12 ($9), while Connor’s is $22 ($18). There’s a range of Macallan and other single malts, with prices from $398 – $898. All figures are nett.

Cocktails n shooters go for $16 – $33.

Vodka, rum, bourbon are priced about $300. There’s absinthe here as well: $338 & $398 – cheaper than most outlets that serve absinthe.

All ready and lined-up

Booze canisters all ready and lined-up


Tastes better when its on the house!

Gettin there wit Sarah

Gettin there wit Sarah (hot)


Some of the bites available

Havent really tried the grub (Tried!). There’s usual pub stuff like Pigs in Blanket, burgers, a couple of pastas, a variety of pies, and desserts too. Pork is served. Yea!

With four bars on this street, the scene is a lot livelier, and competition stiffer. Which is of course good news. Especially now dat its a particularly interesting Party Season. Daaam.

Brain damage rating: 7.5/10

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