Time to piss black

The new lounge in TTDI Plaza (formerly Breeze) called Public (03 / 7729-9650) has a great deal for Guinness for November. It’s called the Record-Breaking Guinness Promo.

No shit.

$10 nett per FULL Pint (500ml) from 5-7pm DAILY
$15 nett per FULL Pint (500ml) from 7-9pm DAILY

High roof for high people

High roof for high people

10 bucks per pint is so sweet. It’s for a real pint; none of them ‘Perfect Pint’ horse shit that try and pass-off as a real pint, which is probably illegal.

The deal is probably d cheapest in the land. The place has a really cool set-up too, with some impressive seating options. Map.

Go crazy yall!

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