Adios Keith

Alcochef Keith Floyd is dead. Heart attack. Since he jalan aged 65, i cant really say he subscribed to the Bohemian motto “Live Fast, Die Young.” He tried hard tho. Good attempt.

He was a committed drinker. Wine sales will be affected.

His final drink was a glass of red – Fils Cotes de Rhone. It was a 2007 – good year. I was bumming.

Surprisingly, he did not die of liver failure, which means its ok to drink as much as u want!

Must have been food and cigarettes that nailed him.

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3 thoughts on “Adios Keith

  1. Man, gotta admit gonna miss the dude on telly. If there was any chef who knew the meaning of having a good time while you work, he is it!!! Always opens his show with a drink in hand and ends the show the same way. Cheers Floyd..may you rest in peace!!

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