Senget judges?

I guess even the experts cant agree when it comes to the complicated drink of wine (mostly man-made complications). I wrote recently about my very intoxicating experience at a blind-tasting session. Thing is, u arent supposed to get intoxicated at a tasting.

A researcher has found that wine judges cant really tell what they’re tasting. There’re inconsistencies in their judging, although they’re sober. There’s a short article on this on Drinks International.

Boozing and paperwork should never mix

It's confirmed - paperwork & booze cant mix

Quote: “Robert Hodgson created a stir earlier this year when he claimed that individual judges in the California State Fair Wine Competition often rated the same wine differently.” (Blind-tastings.)

I think when they say shite like “exhibits extraordinary purity, and beautiful sweet blackberry and cassis notes along with hints of graphite, camphor, and a subtle, but intense meaty character”, then they’re probably talking cock. They might as well swallow d goddam wine rather than spit during tastings. Fuckin wastage. They are people starving around d world man.

At least then they’ll get drunk. And instead of rapping about aromas of red ink and goddam goat leather, they’d say, “O yeaaaaaaaa, i liiiike this one. Hit me again! *Buuurp!* It’s a ffff-fff-fuckinggggg good wine!”

Easy enough to understand.

The manner in which the judge says “fucking” determines the level of the wine’s quality.

Well, I guess u just need to sound cool (superb tips here), and u can pass off as a pro!

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3 thoughts on “Senget judges?

  1. Well, I used to go for wine classes those days and the first thing they teach us was that each wine is different for every individual and each wine shud be enjoyed differently too. U might taste roses and i might taste butt crack in the same wine. All in all, wines are meant to be enjoyed, no matter what aroma, color or flavor it has. Its like art, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder (in this case taster).

    The judging nonsense nowdays is pretty much to determine the pricing and status of the wines. A bunch of so called experts will swirl in their mouths and claim which is better than the other. All this will go into the pricing of the wines and burn a hole in our pockets. Its all about economics!

  2. OK. In that case, we shall create our own rating system soon.
    I’ll tell u how i choose lower-end wines – if my budget is about 40-50 bucks, chances are i’ll go for a chardonnay if i want a white, and a merlot or a merlot-mix if red.

    Chardonnay at dat price, best wd probably be aussie. Merlot – Chile.
    Try to be a smart-ass and get some French/Italian shit for 40 bucks & u’ll regret it.
    And the final and crucial check is alcohol content. 13-14% is good. Anything below 12% can fuckoff

  3. Yeah, all the shite about wine tasting is a lot of bull…used by wine waiters to con customers to buy expensive farked-up wines which were cheap in the beginning. I should know, trained as one long time ago…anyway, cheaper wines from supermarkets or corner shops are better than the ones in the expensive restaurants as all wimes get screwed in the airport anyway. The chilled container is left in the hot sun awaiting custom clearance so any expensive wine is already gone and ready to be vinegar…dun believe go check it out one day.

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