A year old

The blog is.

Its been quite a year! Met quite a few interesting people thanks to it. Checked out a lotta joints too, and had many great booze sessions.

Anyway, thanks for reading all d shit i been writing. If there’re any comments or suggestions, i’d luv to hear them. If there’s anything u’d like to see more / less of, etc.

Winning Best Blog 2009 by JUICE mag sure was a surprise.

Total views as of today is 70,000. Of the 168 posts, the most viewed is DIY tuak. Haha! U moonshiners!

Followed by the one on absinthe’s launch and the one on the total absence of freedom at the ‘Freedom’ Festival.

The Chili’s post got the most reaction, with 43 comments.

The longest post is definitely the shit than went down in Kelantan way back. Haha!

Night Train Express disappeared and reappeared, but i’m definitely not gonna get absolutely derailed like i did before! Ridiculous. The one and only 10/10 brain damage incident!

Had great times on the road, especially Laos & Sarawak. And KKB of course.

On the booze front, smaller outlets are doing well. Happy hours have picked up, as has weekday drinkin. More chicas are doin happy hours too, and doin lager/stout.

No-smoking outlets did not pick-up, thank god. If we ever become like Singapore, i’d probably quit goin out, tho i’m not a smoker. If u gonna party, u gotta party right, right?

Anyway, thanks to the generosity of Riche Monde Malaysia, which will be sponsoring some liquor, we can have an anniversary party! Haha! It will be next week, Wednesday (28th) 7pm.

If u wanna come n mabuk, drop me a mail to RSVP. I plan to limit it to 50pax, so the invitation is for you, +1. Send your name to me. Its deepklc@gmail.com. More details soon.


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