Hoppin about

Yea, round up of some recent events.

1. Arthur’s Day launch

Was at Beer Factory, Sunway Giza, PJ.

Arthur's back

Arthur’s Day happens on Sept  23. More details here.

Some weird mickey mouse restaurant in Giza

2. Glenmorangie exclusive fat-cat dinner @ Spasso Milano

This was to introduce to selected guests the Glenmorangie Pride 1981. Good year.

Only 1,000 pieces have been produced for the world.

Thus it’s a very limited 28-year-old single malt. It’s like $400+ per shot. Definitely the most precious fluid I’ve ever consumed. Somehow i had three.

It’s pure ecstatic nectar, nuff said. The Pride is the pinnacle of Glenmorangie’s seemingly consistent desire to push boundaries and innovate. With this creation, a prized 18-year-old batch was aged a further 10 years in Sauternes ‘Barriques’ from the vineyard of Château d’Yquem, France. Fancy.

Malaysia has only been allocated 10 bottles. (Well, 9 now.) Its cost per bottle is more than all my furniture.

Karen and Frederic of MHD

We had some insane duck. Unreal stuff

The merchandise. Comes in a funky case with mechanical arms

Some cellar guy appeared with back-up

3. Unveiling of the Chivas Regal 18 Christian Lacroix Limited Edition Bottle

At Imagerom Studio in Kota D, Chivas Regal showcased its collaboration again with fashion designer Christian Lacroix for its super-premium Scotch, with a luxury limited edition. The bottle itself is a work of art, with a metallic outfit, and mirrored interior. Looks awesome, probably a collector’s item.

3,ooo made, with 1,000 for travel retail, where it goes for about RM1,500.

How to chill whisky

Some cool device that relies on gravity to create a large, perfectly butt-round ice


Watdat. Makcik

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