Flight number 150

… was to Langkawi last week for a company trip.

Where i hung in Langkawi...

Obviously i love travelling. I have been on an aircraft about 150 times now. Most were incident-free, except for two.

Once i was flying back from Sabah to KL, and bumped into a friend, who’s a doc. “Watsup man?”

He says with a big smile: “Escorting patient to KL General Hospital,” obviously happy to take a few days break in KL. Soon after take-off, there are complications, and i watch as he desperately performs CPR on the patient. Eventually, soaked in sweat, he calls it, and the plane turns back to offload him and the body.

I say to him “No luck eh? Maybe next time then! C ya!”

... for obvious reasons

The other incident was more recent when i was returning from somewhere in China. I noticed some activity mid-flight, and realize that an old man was in trouble. The crew kept paging for a doctor. No luck. I know CPR, but i’m no doc, so i remained seated.

Then i watch as the crew goes around and fetches the man’s family, grandkids, etc who are seated elsewhere. The old man dies.

Most passengers dont notice, and the crew then make it look like he’s asleep for d rest of the flight. Blanket n all.

Kinda weird flying with dead people in the cabin.

I lurv underwater bar stools

On my journeys via 747, I’ve only sat upstairs (the dickhead of the aircraft) twice. That wuz cool. I focused on the champagne of course.

The smallest aircraft i have been in was a 10-seater i think (single propeller), when i did my parachute jumps, twice in UK and once in Malacca.

I love the propeller-run Malaysia Airlines Twin Otters that fly into the interior of Sarawak and Sabah. Pretty small, and u can see the scene and pilots in action in front of you as there’s no door. They need to weigh u before they seat you.

There was even a band to entertain us at d pool-bar

Re drinks, i usually go for wine or cocktails. No thanks to fucking terrorists, there are now rules against opening bottles on board. Asian airlines (I still love MAS the most) obviously have d best service, while the rest of the world sucks. Some crew are real stingy with d drinks. No thanks to goddam drunks who cant hold their booze and start making noise. Dickheads.

Been lucky not to hit any major weather or turbulence. But of course, each time i try to take a piss, there’s turbulence.

For the first time in my life, i was served booze by bargirls in headscarves. Checkitout - Carlsberg AND Tiger draught in d same outlet. Rare.

Its been fun flying around d world. Will upload photos someday if i’m not too lazy. Been to about 30 countries now. Lookin forward to more!

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6 thoughts on “Flight number 150

  1. Remember that first incident on the plane,TNM it was.His patient blew an aneurysm upon takeoff…..we all had a good laugh when he came back to the hospital,minus the holiday of course.Must have been in 97.

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