Basic Cocktails I

Its funny how most of us dont know what the contents are of regular cocktails that we have, and the types of liquor it consists of.

Well, am gonna try to remedy that, with a new series called Basic Cocktails, aka Know Your Shit.

Today’s cocktail is Long Island Iced Tea, which has no tea in it. One of my faves, it got me at “Long”.

And “Island” of course.

I used to have pitchers of it every Friday at Velvet. Got me well-wasted – each n every time! Perfect score. At one of my birthdays, 12 of us had enough long islands on d table to drop Godzilla – 16 jugs. It almost dropped me.

Tho i dislike cola cocktails, taste-wise, the LIIT is considered pleasant and easy to drink, tho the alcohol content can really come thru on the palate. I usually ask ’em to go easy on the sweet ‘n sour, coz it makes d drink too sweet ‘n sour. Haha. In fact u could try pineapple juice instead of that.

Kick-wise, its waay up there. Respect.



Type of cocktail:   Highball (served in a high glass / Collins)

Alcohol content by volume:   28%. Phew!

Alcohol types:   5vodka, light rum, white tequila (aka silver/blanco), gin, Triple Sec. One shot each (30ml), tho some do half shot each, depending on the size of the glass too

Mixer:   Sour mix (aka sweet & sour), splash of cola

Standard garnish:   Slice of lemon

Method:   Shake everything except the soda, and pour into glass with ice. Top with cola

Where to have one:   Will leave it to you consumers to recommend (if possible pls include price, should be between $20-25 net). The problem is many outlets these days use cheap-ass Klang-made liquor to mix drinks. Fuckdat.

One place I know for a fact uses premium liquors is Sid’s Pub, and its significantly cheaper than all the neighbouring outlets as well.

Popular variation to tryLong Beach Iced Tea – cranberry juice substitutes the cola. Nice.

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7 thoughts on “Basic Cocktails I

  1. I don’t dare drink too much of this. You don’t feel it until it’s too late LOL.

    Tom Dick & Harry’s version was pretty good…but that was after YOU insisted the bartender use proper alcohol, not the lousy house alcohol. 🙂

  2. Yea. Can’t stand cheap shit, unless u request for / expect cheap shit.

    Dont dare drink too much eh? Haha. Well dats one of the features of LIIT i guess. The ‘sneak attack’ – hitting u before u realize what hit u!

  3. That’s the problem with long drinks that mix liquors. It only hits you after it’s too late. haha.

    Dude, do a post on the Klang-made shit. I want to do for the column too, but I don’t really wanna highlight it too much. haha.

  4. A post abt Klang-made shit? Yea probably. For now my only advise is avoid them. It’s so crap coz u cd buy a whole BOTTLE for d price d bar charges for a SHOT of d same! Talk about desperado outlets!

  5. well bro i agree with that… but, don’t really trust with the sticker on the bottle… it’s look premium at the outside.. but inside..!?? hmmm…. (cikai punya ) that’s in my experience as a Bartender for long time ago….! =P
    p/s: not every Bar in this country.. (jangan terasa la…)

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