Copyright your cocktail

Got your own cocktail mix that u’d like recognized? Now, Bartender Magazine registers & issues certificates to show that u’re the original creator of a particular cocktail.

Called CocktailRight, only one cert will be issued per recipe.

Pretty cool. Pretty egoistic too.

I guess it’s about bragging rights. I’m not gonna apply for them. For one, it costs US$35. And, it dont bother me whoever created the recipe coz i believe in sharing and exchanging knowledge.

But seriously, u could legally protect a cocktail recipe by i) Registering the cocktail recipe itself as a copyright (possibly under Literally Works Registration); ii) Trademarking the name of the cocktail, so nobody else can use that name.

The cert by Bartender Mag is more for fun. But it could make a nice gift for one of your easily-pleased alco friends. Frame and stick it on d wall n shit.

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5 thoughts on “Copyright your cocktail

  1. I think half of the ‘cocktails’ we came up with during that Mental Experimental Cocktail party deserve to be certified. Certified ‘LETHAL’ to be exact…

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