Shaddup & drink bitchis!

According to a report in British newspaper The Times, moderate female drinkers are less likely to become obese than those who don’t drink.

The health benefits of booze have already been featured on this blog, here & here.

As science and research skills improve, the health arguments for booze are probably more than against! Well, a lot of us already knew dat.

Best part is, booze is a God-given product dat’s 100% natural!

Bring back university bars. Sell booze in hospitals. Schools should teach about d benefits of alcohol.

Dammit, drinking should be made mandatory.

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7 thoughts on “Shaddup & drink bitchis!

  1. Haha no la. There’s been booze in hospitals in Sabah. And local unis like UM etc used to have uni-owned bars when my dad wuz there.
    Re schools, well i guess if there’s a 100% natural product dats good for u, it should be taught to kids too!

  2. Gyms eh? Haha. After workout OK la.
    If i try to exercise after drinks, total failure. If i can normally run 5k, i will totally struggle just for 500m!

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