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A reader, KL Chong, sent me his experience at American Chilis / Chilis Bar and Grill, Bangsar, where there’s a weirdo dude who runs d joint. This is to add to the list of incidents already documented here.

Here’s what he gotta say:


I was there with my buddy & his pregnant wife for some food and beers (the wifey had juices). Their happy hour is from 3pm – 7pm as stated so when it was about time, the waiter asked if we wanted more beers so of course I OK and said yeah, 1 more round. Then my buddy said, why not we order 2 each. We called the waiter and conversation went somthing like this…

Me/Buddy: “We want to order 4 mugs”.

Chili’s Waiter: “No no, you cannot do that. You cannot park your drinks”.

Me/Buddy: “Yeah, we understand, so just bring all the 4 mugs out at once”.

Chilli’s Waiter: “No No, we cannot do that, its against our policy”. There’s only 2 of you, so you can only order 2.

Me/Buddy: “WTF!!!???!!!”

Buddy: “OK, my wife is next to me, she order 1 lah”

Chilli’s Waiter: “Oh no, she’s drinking juices”

Me/Buddy: I want to see your Manager.

Restaurant Manager of Chilli’s Grill & Bar Bangsar Shopping Complex outlet, Mr. Purusothaman Perumal came over.

Me/Buddy: “We want to know why we cannot order 4 mugs”.

Puru: ” We don;t allow parking”

Me/Buddy: “No no, we understand that. We want all the 4 to come out at once”

Puru: “Oh, we cannot allow you to order so many beers because #1, we cannot maintain the freshness of the beers if you order so many….#2, We may at our discretion to withhold selling of alcohol if we feel that the customer has drank too much. This is written in our company rules and regulations.

Me/Buddy: “Where is it written?”

Puru: “Oh, of course, we cannot write everything out…that’s not possible”

Buddy: “OK, I didn’t drive, my driver is at the front”

Puru: “I know, still I cannot sell you”

Me: “THAT IS A LOAD OF BS!!” Maintain freshness?? You are a restaurant!! Not some beer specialty shop! What are you talking about?! And what qualifies you the authority to gauge the level of alcohol I can take?

Puru: “Oh, we go through some special training and courses with so & so …blah ..blah..blah…

Me: “OK, show me your identification or certification”

Puru: “Oh, I cannot show you”

Me: “Even a plainclothes policemen stops me on the road will show me his ID if i request. You cannot show me yours, what qualifies you to tell me I’ve exceeded my alcohol level?”

Puru: *doesn’t answer*

Me: “Give me your card, I will write a complain to your headquarters”

Puru: “Go ahead, just google on the internet to find our HQ.”



Brilliant. How NOT to run an establishment.

Obviously the owning company, TAS Leisure Sdn Bhd, aint doin shit about it.

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18 thoughts on “Apa punya manager

  1. banned that place for years now. Once the manager argued with us that Vodka Orange is different from Screwdriver, and charged us differently.

    Apparently their screwdriver is more expensive than vodka orange.

    The attitude was horshit.

  2. What a fucked up joint. I would order a beer and pour all over their fucking table and chairs. Then say “opps sorry, you are right, I cannot drink anymore”. Pay the fucking bills and never ever come back again, unless once in a while go in order huge amount of food and then leave.

  3. what a weirdass name that manager has. i also would have walked up to the bar say okay then one first then have a chug off and walk away with the 2nd one. yumm

  4. Agreed with KS suggestion, remember to ask them to subtract the service charge from the bill by telling them ‘I aint payin for crappy service’!

  5. Even with their bad service and low IQ managers, people..read families queue up to go eat their overly expensive lousy excuse for Tex-Mex food.

  6. it is true whatever the manager did.. i know because I went training there. Between, they will not served you more alcohol if they think u’re drunk.. bcos once the customers drunk and get accident.. they can sue the restaurant.. so thats why they dont serve it

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