Aint a cheap shot

Wat’s d most amount of money you paid for a single shot of booze in your life?? I cant recall actually, but pretty sure it’s below 50 bucks.

Checkdisout – the world’s oldest cognac is now at a hotel outlet in London (Library Bar). How much do u think a shot would cost? 500 bucks?? Two grand?

To be exact, US$6k! Dats 21,000 bucks. Fuckin hell..

21k for a 50ml shot. Dats what… $4,000 per sip? I think even d goddam fumes will cost a few hundred bucks!

Strictly for fat cats. It’s a bottle from way back in 1770.

I definitely know the LEAST i ever paid for a shot.

Definition of cheap shit

The definition of cheap shit

Toddy. About 20 cents a shot.

For a shot of dat cognac, u  would get 7,000 bottles of 1,500ml toddy. Haha. Or 105,000 servings.

At three bottles a day, u could remain drunk for about 6.4 years.


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7 thoughts on “Aint a cheap shot

  1. Dude, a client once treated us to Louis XIII cognac at Shang’s french rest (Lafayette, I think). RM550 per shot. But it was worth it, cos it wasn’t my money!!!!

  2. The Blue Bar in New York has a drink that cost $10,000. This is because the drink comes with its very own jewellery which the consumer can keep. Quote “Martini-on-the-Rock comes with a single piece of ice — a diamond from the in-house jeweler. It is the only one martini you must order 72 hours in advance, so that you could pre-select your diamond. The price of the cocktail varies depending on the diamond selected. Since 2004 only two have been ordered, one of them for a marriage proposal.”

    The same concept applies also at the Piano Bar in London, where the Diamond Cocktail is priced @£4,000.

    I know its not entirely the same ;cause its a cocktail but F*ckin’ ‘ell…that’s really a mindblowing price for a drink. You can see the rest of the worlds most expensive cocktails @

    Will wonders ever cease?!!!

  3. Once ordered a screwdriver in a swank club called “Laila” in Istanbul facing the Bhosphrus. Cost like RM 100 + for a shot !!!!. My eyes popped and the waiter made some smart alec comment about me being “big”lawyer when I did not leave a generous tip….talk about insult to injury…

    Cheapest…???? Hmm… toddy in a shack in Kerala…yup something like 10 cents …

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