Closet alcoholic

(Not me.) Been to my ex-collig’s place Mike once before. There was an overdose of booze. No different on d second visit recently. Lagi kao.

It was Elaine aka Fireangel‘s birthday. Before there were even guests who brought drinks, the bar was already dam crowded –

Take your pick

Take your pick

There’s vodka, whisky, white wine, red wine, cognac, rum, tequila, Cointreau, Kahlua, Bailey’s, peach shnapps, lychee liquer, and a whole cooler of beer. O yea, and d tuak dat came with me.

Took several minutes to decide. I looked pretty lost for awhile, then went for this:


kpaelkhzgl or watever

plus coconut water (Kelapa Rock). Then immediately took a tour and checked out Mike’s stocks.


A very flammable display


Tier 1


Tier 2


Kitchen (D Hennessys are for sale btw. $130 each i think)


More back-up. Is this what defines a closet alcoholic?

Never met so much booze for one person! There was shit i’ve never even seen before.

Watdefuck is dis??

Watdefuck is dis??

Anyway, i wuz impressed. Almost forgot about d birthday gerl.


I think she was in some sort of pain

Her standard pose with gifts

Recovered and provided her standard pose with gifts

A medium-core drinking game - dart board style

A dart board-style drinking game. Could be fun - if u have to down it when u lose

Anyway, when i was there I felt like a spoiled kid in a candy store! Mixed up so many different shit in my stomach, but survived a fun nite. Thanks again Mike! Btw i was probably kidding about d plan to rob your place.

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5 thoughts on “Closet alcoholic

  1. To be more specific, there was 3 kinds of vodka, 2 kinds of tequila, 2 Bacardis, 2 whiskeys, cognac, gin, red wine, white wine, tuak, sake, soju, advocaat, kahlua, baileys, peach schnappes, lychee liquer, contreau, stout, and beer.

    And that weird triangle bottle is Russian pine flavoured vodka.

    And I’m selling Henesseys for RM120 each!

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