Down the hatch!

Drinking! Yea!

The millenniums-old habit is different things to different people.

It’s an art, an accompaniment, a killer, an addiction, a pastime, an escape.

Yea watever.

This blog is dedicated to alcohol.

Suck on dat!

Suck on dat!

It’s a beer blog, liquor blog, party & travel blog, and everything in between. Mainly, an alcohol blog.

It’s consumer, trade, and event-based. Will also feature everything from drinking accessories & paraphernalia , cool bar-deco, toddy joints, unconventional interviews with industry people, new booze, reader’s / wino’s stories and weird shit.

So long as it’s alcohol-related.

The blog’s gonna look ugly for a couple of weeks till I figure out how to work it.

Obviously this blog is politically-incorrect.

No, dat ain't a dam root beer

No, dat ain't a dam root beer



Deep aka the Thirsty Blogger

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3 thoughts on “Down the hatch!

  1. Hey Balan. According to William, brand manager of Martell at PRM, Cordon Bleu is a very individual thing. It’s up to u how to enjoy it.
    Personally, I’d take it neat man, or a few drops of water. Pls dont add a mixer tho!

    William suggests either a cognac glass or a rock glass. And serve at room temperature.
    If ur pairing it with a meal, its best with seafood or spicy dish, to bring out the cognac’s floral and spicy notes.
    Enjoy man! Am jealous.

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