Cruise in style

Checked out motoXpo 2012 today, a two-wheel show and conference goin on now. Some mean machines right there. Among the Japs, i love Kawasaki designs the best, then Yamaha. Suzuki & Honda, naah, not radical.

The latest Yamaha VMax. Bitch

Today brought back some sweet memories of when i had my Kawasaki ZXR750, a sport bike.

My ex

It was, to put it plainly – a rocket with an attached seat. 0-100 km/h in 2.8 seconds. Beats any Ferrari. Or any goddam car in the world. The speedo goes up to 280km/h.

But of course, u have to crash. Comes with the deal.

Yamaha R1. Goddam

And unlike drink-driving, drink-riding is a real serious challenge. There’s body balance, and bike balance involved. Booze & balance? Not friends.
Especially if yor bike weighs 200 kilos.

And if ur too drunk, u might just slide off d seat. Haha

I actually dozed off while riding once, but was sober.

KTM's Duke 690. Cibai

Had a few spills, one involving Bala, the same dude who was with me that legendary night when Night Train derailed my fuckin ass.

We were real high and cruisin on my ride in Bangsar. Was still thirsty so gatecrashed a house where there was some dinner / catering goin on. Walked in and had a beer or two each. Stole the glass too. And rode out.

Kawasaki Z1000s. Mafucker

Payback wuz around d corner. As i heroically overtook a car at a corner (Travers), i went off d road slightly, due to an understeer. Tyres got into some fuckin mud, bike danced & fish-tailed, went across the lane and hit the pavement. I lost control, and the bike threw me against a tree, and it carried on sliding on the road, stopping quite a distance away.

I was lucky i was off the bike, or it would have minced my leg.

Kawasaki Vulcan Custom. Sheeeet

My chest slammed against the tree trunk, dislocating a rib. Man it hurt, and i couldnt breathe. I didn’t see Bala anywhere! Soon i walked about lookin for him, in a daze.

Then i heard some groaning from a distance – niga was in the drain! Haha! He was catapulted or sumtin, rolled down the slope n into d drain.

Yamaha Moegi. Ermmm...

Ambulance scooped us soon after. We were both hurt but reasonably ok, bike not so.

Kawasaki Z1000 Custom. Jesus

Drink-riding is a league of its own. If i start riding again, its gonna be a problem!

Vespa. Ol skool dawg

Anyway, the expo is on till Sunday at Putra World Trade Center, KL.

Riders, go get a hard on.

Getdafuck outta here


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  1. dont ride big bike when u drunk, all the power will not do good to u. It enhance those power into some danger zone… kapchai ride and drunk… good pairing… I know! touch wood!… haha

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